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Company Quality policy : "Quality First, Customer utmost!"
Company Spirit: "Integrity ,Solidarity ,Flexibility , Innovation"

Offer OEM and ODM service to our customers
What is OEM and ODM?
OEM – the solution to reduce opportunity cost
ODM– the better choice for shorten development cycle

OEM, namely, Original Equipment Manufacturer, commonly called as " branded production". Famous-brand producer does not make the products directly, but consign the manufacturing work to similar producer by the way of contracted order so as to reduce the risk of going to the production line and win the time for marketing. The ordered products are bought up at a low price, and branded with one's own trademark directly. The cooperative way which one company consigns the production to other company is namely OEM; the manufacturers who accept this processing task are known as OEM manufacturers; what they produced are OEM products. Differentiating with counterfeit and fake, OEM is the legal cooperation based on contracted authorization
ODM, namely, Original Design Manufacturer: According to the requirement of customer, the developer does the processing work on product improvement and remodeling or major change on shape and functions of product, or redesign the products processing at the needs of customer, which belong to the category of ODM.


As a new high tech company, our company is professionally engaged in developing new products according to customer’s requirements or by ourselves. Our R&D team and production team as well as design team satisfy customer requirement by fastest speed .Our tool staffs develop and modify new products easily with lower cost in our tool room.


Welcome any company which has OEM and ODM business to cooperate with our company.

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