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Product Name: Wireless Magnet Door Alarm
Model no.: Y-813
Detailed introduction
when door or window open , it be trigged ,door gap sensor device will send alarm sound or door bell sound. If you want to stop alarm sound ,just press the “disarm” button on RF remote control or close door it will emit sounds 30 seconds then stop sending alarm sound.
Button function on RF remote control
Button 1 for “Arm “
Button 2 for “Disarm”
Button 3 for “Emergency”
Button 4 for “door bell or learning”
Working Voltage: DC 3V (2xAAA batteries ) for door device
Remote Voltage : 12V (A27 battery)
Working current: 50 m A
Frequency : 433 MHz
Standby current: 3.5u A
remote distance : 100 feet
Gap for being triggered: 15mm
Master device size : 102x55x18mm
Sound volume : 105dB
Standby time for door device : 8 months ( based on 5 times use per day) When in low battery status, Led on door device will flash 1 time / 1 second.
Standby time for RF remote control : 10 months ( when remote distance become short ,need change old battery)

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