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Product Name: PIR Motion Sensor with 2 IR Remote
Model no.: PIR-001
Detailed introduction
PIR Alarm with two IR remote
PIR alarm can be used in doorway, warehouse, backyard …etc .When someone approach its range ,it will emit alarm sound to alert you .
PIR Sensor detects infrared radiation from human body nearby and send alarm sound.
How to set alarm
1.) Install 4 “AA” Batteries into battery chamber of alarm device (or use power adaptor)
2.) Use IR remote point to alarm device and press “arm” button on such remote , alarm device green led light turn on ,that show “arm” mode activated , after 5 seconds ,it enter detection status.
3.) Fix holder on wall over ground around 2 meters
4.) Put PIR alarm sensor part face direction as you like .
5.) When someone enter detection range ,red led turn on, in 5 seconds it will emit 120dB alarm sounds for 30 seconds. If you want to stop alarm sound ,just press disarm button on IR remote control. (when using IR remote ,need point remote to alarm device within 10 meters )
Specification :
Detection range : 5-8 meters
Detection angle : 105 degree
Battery : 6V (4x AA)
IR remote distance : 6-10meter
Alarm sound volume :120Db
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