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Product Name: Wireless Vibration Alarm VS-005
Model no.: VS-005
Detailed introduction
This is a new product which is produced by the import components, it uses the sensor of reed switch and the technology of wireless remote control. The capacity is steady, and convenience to use. It's a full-new product for protection and security. It's the ideal choice to guard against thefts in house, cars, Motorcycle, Bike, Window, Door and some other valuables wealth safety, etc.
Easy to install, can be Suction directly on the iron gate because of the back of the magnet
Simple to operate and easy to install.
Wireless Vibration Alarm with remote control.
Perfect to protect your shop, office, home or anywhere requiring protection.
Economical and practical.
Alarm with ON/OFF switch, and remote control with Alarm and Disarm buttons for easy operat-ion.
120dB alarm sound which can last about 40 seconds.
Remote control range is up to 20 meter.
wall mount hole for easy installation.
Remote control with key ring and clip for easy carrying.
Powered by a DC 9V battery (Not included)
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