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Product Name: Bluetooth music audio box converter BT-001
Model no.: BT-001
Detailed introduction
Wirelessly Play music through your home stereo and stand-alone speakers.
With this Bluetooth receiver, you won’t be bothered by the cable connecting issue again, put the speakers wherever you want, sit back and listen.
Very easy to use
Meanwhile answer incoming call by such audio receiver when call come
Bluetooth Music audio box converter for Home Stereo or Stand-alone Speakers
1.Music/call switch, freely and relaxed
2. Standard 3.5mm audio output interface which connect with audio box. don't need amplifier circuit, enable audio box full power output
3.Simple operation : enable normal speaker become hand free bluetooth speaker magically ,portable for vehicle mount system
4.Far distance, can reach 20meter in open air
5.Clear and smooth talking effect
6. NFC function is optional , make connection more easy
7. Listen to music from mobile phone, make end user to enjoy Hi- Fi music
8.Two charging way ,by adaptor or by PC USB port
9.rechargeable lithium battery
10 .receive incoming call by free hand
11. Forward and backward music song
12. Sound Volume adjustment through pressing button
13. Play or stop music by pressing middle button

Turn Up the Volume on Your iPod Touch or iPhone or on such bluetooth device.
connects simply to your stereo and match wirelessly with your iPod or iPhone via Bluetooth V3.0 for reliable, high-quality sound.
Compatible with all A2DP stereo Bluetooth enabled devices, such as iphone, ipod, Smartphone, cell phone, computer, Midi and Bluetooth devices
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