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Product Name: Mini Microphone for iPhone or Android phone
Model no.: MIC-001
Detailed introduction
Such Mini Microphone is widely used with IPhone for singing and recording in travel or at home and chat online. with it ,convenient for recording by mobile phone ,avoid putting Mic hole on mobile phone to approach mouth. When in travel ,be able to sing at anytime with iPhone or Android system mobile phone and earphone or with mini speaker.
Product features:
1.This microphone with cable and two colors: available : black and white.
2.Support karaoke for Apple /Android system mobile phone and notebook ,DVD,mp3,mp4 perfectly.
3..Support sound recording .
4.pick-up: capacitance
5.with beautiful retail box
6. Small design ,easy to take
7. Two sound volume level switch
8. real-time monitor sound effect
1.output power : 10mW
2.frequency response : 28-20KHz
3.sensitivity : 400mV
4.Peak sound pressure : 126dB 1KHz(THD<1%)
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