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Product Name: 1:1 Remote key finder RF-101
Model no.: RF-101
Detailed introduction
1.) With learning function , you can learn transmitter with receiver . Learning function can avoid other RF transmitter signal disturbance in near place and perform one by one control with receiver.
2.) it is slim and thin . suitable to attach on the TV remote ,PDA ,MP4,MP3..etc or put in the wallet.
3.) 85-90 dB sound volume with LED flash at the same time
4.) remote distance 80-100feet,enough to cover your whole house .
5.)Up to 1 year battery life
6.) free key ring and double-sided stickers accessories

How to find lost articles :
1.After learning all the receivers which you want , Now you keep pressing any button on transmitter for around 3 seconds , the corresponding receiver will respond with different beep sounds meanwhile the led will glow .
2.Attach the receivers on keys , pets, purse , PDA ,toys,handbag,billfold …etc by rubber band or key ring or stick it on TV remote ,MP4,Wallets,Mobile phone..etc by double-sided adhesive.
Voltage: 12V (Transmitter ) , 3V (receiver)
Battery : A27 12V (for transmitter ) , CR2032 button battery 3V (for receiver)
Frequency: 433.92MHz
Remote distance :25-30Meters
Sound volume: 85-90 d B
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