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Product Name: Watch style Service calling system WS-218
Model no.: WS-218
Detailed introduction
Introduction :
Wrist watch service calling device for restaurant/coffee house/hotel
Each watch can support up to 99 tables and each call button can be programmed to multi-watches.
Cancel the calling by pressing “Cancel” on the Call Button (Transmitter) and if you want to cancel all, just press “Back” on the watch.
Beep sound or vibrate
Can be re-programmed
After the guests press on the Call Button (Transmitter), the watch will sound and vibrate, then the waiter will see the guests’ requests (Service, Drink or Bill) on the watch
All the calling table numbers will scroll display at the bottom of the watch screen.
Both watches and call buttons can be re-programmed repeatedly.
Rechargeable built-in Lithium Battery, can last 2 days under normal use.
LCD Size:1.8"
Time/Date, Alarm Clock, can be used as common watch.
Chinese & English language (languages can be made as customer’s request)
Background Light ON/15s/30s/OFF optional
Sound , Vibrate, Both sound and vibrate optional.
Each watch supports up to 99 tables
With built-in rechargeable 300mA Lithium battery and adaptor included
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