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Product Name: Service calling pager WS-35
Model no.: WS-35
Detailed introduction
This wireless waiter calling system can be widely used in restaurants, tea houses, hotels, cafes, bars, swimming pools, beauty salons, etc.
Your request will display on the Monitor (Receiver) after you press on the Call Button (Transmitter).
New concepts of service and consumption:
After the guest press on the Call Button(Transmitter), the waiter can see the request(Service, Drink, or Bill) on the Center Monitor.
Menu holder:
For some call button, you can place it in the menu holder for ad.
Waterproof call button:
Waterproof call button, which enables to protect from water, juice, soup, stream, rain, etc.
YS35 consists of 3 parts as below,
a, Monitor(1 piece)
b, Remote control(1 piece)
c, Call Button(35 pcs)
With menu holder
No wire and easy installation
Waterproof call button
Remote Distance:150M-200M(in open area)
Center Cancel Remote
Power: Input:AC110-220V Output:15V
Caller Button Frequency:433MHz
Caller Button Battery Operated: use one “23A,12V” battery(battery excluded)
3 colors on the Monitor (Red, Green and Yellow)
9 pcs of tunes
Volume up and down and Flash options
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