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Product Name: Super thin Bluetooth shutter for ios iphone and android mobile BLS-002
Model no.: BLS-002
Detailed introduction

With thin pocket-sized shutter, you can take pictures with your phone from 30 feet away and never miss any moment for group photos and selves as well
It makes every thing much easy and it also means that you can fix the phone with a stand or tripod instead of holding it all the way
Button for shooting
Operational up to 30 feet (about 10 meter)
How to use
you don't need to download any thing !
just connect it by bluetooth with your phone and then enjoy yourself with taking photo !
Material: Plastic
Color: White /green / red /yellow /red / blue
Weight: 25 grams
Operating frequency range: 2400 MHz ~ 2482MHz
Control distance: up to 10m
Operating voltage: 2.5V ~ 3.3V, typical 3.3V
Operating current: 16mA, max 20mA, standby 200uA
Working time: Lasting for 6 months under working in 10 times a day
Power supply: CR2032
Remote control size: Approx. 5.8x3.1x0.65cm (LxWxH)
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