Civil Servant Hunter’s S-class Resignation Log

Chapter 58

South Korea, which entered the emergency state, immediately selected Hunters and dispatched them to Cheorwon.

Yoo Soo-eun, the only S-class Healer, was naturally included, and Do Junyoung was also added to the dispatch list to inform the association of the situation quickly. In addition, Joo Eun and Han Suwon, who specialized in wide-area attacks, and the Tanker Eun Injae were also selected.

It was a large-scale raid involving half of Korea’s S-class, and even this was not enough to dispel the citizens’ fear.

The first Level 2 dungeon that occurred in Korea. Many people still remembered the horror of that day, which had taken the lives of many Hunters and people.

However, there was one difference now.

Two beings stronger than S-class, like saviors.

People called out their names eagerly. To the point even Song Hanna could hear it.

“Kang Sejun, Sung Jarim. One of them has to go.” So Song Hanna, who called the two saviors to the association, looked carefully at each one.

Kang Sejun, who had already shown strong power in various places such as Sangam and Daegwallyeong, and Sung Jarim, an unknown existence that had not appeared even after several weeks had passed.

It was very clear which savior the people wanted.

“Kang Sejun, you go.”

Kang Sejun, a Mage who was far superior to Han Suwon, who was called the top magician in the world of magic. It was right for him to go.

“Okay. If I join, the win rate will definitely go up.”

Korea’s first Level 2 dungeon incident 12 years ago still remained in all sorts of videos. It had been very dangerous, but that was because no L-class had existed.

Now that they knew what kind of monster was inside, they could fully target it.

“But there is one problem. It was closed for 12 years, so the monster might have gotten stronger.”

Time doesn’t just give you aging. It’s an opportunity for geniuses to rise to a higher level, and that’s the same with high-level monsters that can tear dozens of Hunters of A-class or lower.

“It probably won’t go to Level 1, but still, things will be difficult if it gets close to level 1.5. Will it be okay with only five S-classes?”

Kang Sejun’s words were valid, but Song Hanna firmly shook her head.

“We can’t just focus on that place. If more S-classes are deployed, there will be problems with domestic security.”

Even though there was no guarantee that the dungeon in Cheorwon would be opened, a sufficient number of people were put in because the people’s fear of the dungeon was beyond imagination. At least they had to keep our guard until everyone was relieved.

Other countries were also preparing thorough preparations.

“S-classes who are not on the dispatch list will protect respective regions. I’ll call them later and explain it to them… First of all, Sung Jarim.”

“Can I take charge of Seoul?”

The capital of the country and a densely populated area. It was right for Sung Jarim to take over, but that wasn’t why Song Hanna called her now.

“The official Yoon Seora, who was watching you, posted the last report.”

Song Hanna handed over a file folder. Sung Jarim opened her eyes wide when she saw the contents.

“From observation, she’s convinced that there is no risk and there is no intention of naturalization to another country. She said, ‘We need to hold her because she’s a necessary talent for us’.”

More details than Song Hanna’s words were written in the report.

[The Awakened Sung Jarim is fully equipped with the virtues of a Hunter. I am convinced in the name of Yoon Seora from the management office of the Korea Awakening Management Association that she is someone who puts others at risk and that her existence alone will support everyone.]

The content written in neat handwriting made Sung Jarim emotional.

“We officially acknowledge the Awakened Sung Jarim, who has returned alive for the first time in five years, as Korea’s L-class Hunter.”

You’ve been complaining that you couldn’t trust me, but wrote such a cute truth behind my back.

Sung Jarim burst into laughter as she recalled Yoon Seora.

“The good times are over. You will officially entrust me with work from now on, right?”

“We can’t be making fun of talent. In that sense, let me entrust one to you now.”

“Protecting Seoul? All right, that’s a given.”

“There’s that, but… This is a request entrusted by Song Hanna as an individual, not as the association’s president.”

Not only Sung Jarim but Kang Sejun also looked at Song Hanna curiously. What on earth would require the power of an L-class Awakened?

“What is it?”

“… How’s Seora these days?”

Sung Jarim’s eyes widened at the unexpected question.

While with Seora, she had already noticed that Song Hanna and Seora were closer than expected. She just thought it was a secret and hadn’t expected she would say such a thing.

“Seora? There’s nothing special.”

“… Really?”

“Ngg. Sometimes she was a little out of her mind for a while, but it was really brief. When she woke up in the morning, she was fine.”

Therefore, she said no need to worry, but Song Hanna’s face hardened. She swept her hair nervously.

“Out of her mind… I can’t let it go hearing that.”

“But I think she’s really okay. She jokes around with me and eats well.”

“Is that true?”

Jarim nodded. The only time Seora acted strangely was when she was told that the Key had been stolen.

When she woke up the next day, she was sometimes scared and mostly cute, so Jarim just thought she was not feeling well for a while.

“Why? Is something wrong with Seora?”

“It used to be. Please don’t stay away from Seora for a while. I don’t know when that child will change, so I want you to protect her… And don’t even talk about Cheorwon Dungeon.”

Oh. Jarim didn’t ask any more questions and closed her mouth. Kang Sejun, who had been listening secretly, also turned his head with an uncomfortable face as he knew Seora’s secret

Even without a detailed explanation, there was a sense of tact, so they could roughly grasp the situation.

‘I see. Seora was one of the victims of the Cheorwon Dungeon.’

The reason why she’d never seen the 22-year-old on the phone with her family. I’m so glad I didn’t ask carelessly.

‘She said that when she took the civil service exam, she entered through the S-class Hunter family preferential selection. I see. The dead family was the S-class.’

What happened back then must be even more terrible. In the future, Jarim promised to keep her mouth shut.

But despite the three people in the conference room sighing worriedly, Seora was really fine. She was so fine that she couldn’t understand how she drowned in nightmares and fantasies.

‘Since the administrator said it would be okay.’

Seora rubbed her hair. It had been invisible, but she was certain that something had patted her head. It should be the administrator’s touch.

[Administrator: (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡]

‘All right, all right. Thank you, Elizabeth.’

[Administrator: ╭(°ㅂ° )╮]

There were other helpful people besides Lizaliza-ssi. The very beauty she’d seen in her dream. It wasn’t until after meeting him that she completely calmed down. She was really happy back then when she swam in the waves of jewels and played with a beauty.

It would have been perfect if he hadn’t pushed me away again in the end.

‘It is said that if there are three coincidences, it is inevitable. I wonder if we’ll ever meet again.’

Seora, who put her chin on her hand, smiled continuously as she looked into the air.

“Wow, awesome. Awesome!”

At that time, Gong Haeyeon, who didn’t care even if Seora did bizarre things, made a fuss and hit her on the shoulder. Mi In-ssi, who smiled beautifully enough to take people’s souls out, and Seora, who was dancing the blues in her head, lifted their eyes.

“It hurts! What’s wrong with you?”

“Now is not the time to be daydreaming. Hurry up and turn on the community!”

Awesome, it’s awesome, blah blah blah.

Seora, who turned on the community to see what had caused Haeyeon’s fuss, wondered. Whether something had really happened, the whole community was shaking.

[Title: Wow! I saw Yoon Jaehun at the airport right now!!! (authentication photo included)]

“… Eh?”

W-What is this post talking about? Who? Where did you see whom? Who did they see again?

[I’m going crazzzyyyy. It’s been 3 years since I joined the airport guard. I didn’t think I would be the first to see Yoon Jaehun enter Korea! I got a job here to see this!

Look at the picture, the picture. Is this real? Asia’s only Athena executive force is no joke. Whoaaa. My eyes are dazzled that I can’t see clearly!!]

Seora stared blankly at the attached photo along with the full text.

A face that didn’t look very much like her, dark brown hair, and distinct features.

She hadn’t seen him for nearly three years, but the face she had never forgotten was engraved there.

‘Why is Brother there?’

I didn’t even hear that he was coming back. Is this a life-size? Is it a life-size statue built and erected by fans longing for his return home? Wouldn’t that be more convincing?

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

Gong Haeyeon, who knew Jaehun and Seora’s relationship, whispered and slapped her on the back.

“Why? Because I just found out. Is this real? Not a life-size figurine?”

“If it were a figurine, they would’ve made a cool one with a weapon. Didn’t he come because of the locked dungeon? He promised to return to Korea if something happens in Korea.”

That’s right. There was such an oath. How could I have forgotten that?


Yoon Jaehun?? That Yoon Jaehun came to Korea???? I know this is fake and made by yourself.

└ Hey, why would anyone make such an old joke? Kids these days don’t know things like that.

└ What? In my time, everyone cheered the moment I said, “I know you made this yourself”

└The old latte over there, please come in for a moment.

Wow. You’re finally able to meet the only Asian executive in person? That’s amazing.

Is there anyone else at the airport???? Oh please leave more reviews.

└|Writer| : Everyone is all over the place right now, making a fuss about getting an autograph. Perhaps they don’t even think about posting because of this.

└Thank you for posting. This is crazy, really. What do I do? I am a man, but seeing Yoon Jaehun makes my heart flutter. Am I normal?

└ No, you’re cool. Because I’m like that, too, right now. Oh, my. Is this arrhythmia?

└ What kind of arrhythmia is that, you idiot? If you look at Yoon Jaehun’s face, the arrhythmias will disappear;;

└Ahhh yes! That’s right! Teacher! My incurable disease has been washed away! Yoon Jaehun’s face is a panacea!

└ I think you guys have gone crazy.

‘Since when did Brother become a panacea?’

There’s no such skill, but the whole community is full of silly comments. I never thought he would have this many fans. I didn’t even think to find out because it’s my older brother. I’m not interested…

‘Wow. I will get ripped off if they find out that we’re real siblings. I should stay still no matter what.’

There’s nothing more terrifying than a blind fan. In particular, as Yoon Jaehun is a Hunter active on the global stage and the only person in Korea who participated in the Labyrinth dungeon attack, the fans’ loyalty was high.

It was terrible to think that I would suffer from such people.

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