Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 4994

He was the current leader of Heaven Burial, one of the Four Geniuses.

The group consisted of Radiant Monarch, Tendril King, Jun Cuican, and him.

He possessed five sacred fruits just like Tendril King. As the leader of a dao lineage, he had access to all of its wondrous arts.

He was the oldest of the four and had one son - Halo Scion.

As he sat on the throne, he saw nothing but Li Qiye.

“Clank!” He released his five dao fruits and divinity, forcing cultivators and demons into the ground.

“You killed my son.” He uttered coldly.

“Who?” Li Qiye asked.

The crowd was dumbfounded. Did he not know he was speaking to a five-fruit dragon lord?

This infuriated Halo Monarch and made him release more power. The tsunami of might made the demons feel as if they were trapped in a storm.

“Halo Scion.” Yunyun whispered to Li Qiye.

“Sounds familiar. So you’re here to avenge your son?” Li Qiye waved his hand dismissively.

Keep in mind that the monarch only had one son and gave him all the love. Now, he wanted nothing more than to cut Li Qiye to pieces since this disdainful attitude disrespected not only him but also his late son.

“Your head will be used as an offering to my son in heaven!” The monarch shouted and gathered his power, turning into a divine being.

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The halo behind him soared into the air and could encompass numerous celestials - the start of a new world.

“The power of the halo.” The other dragon lords observed this technique carefully.

The founder of his lineage shared the same title. This conqueror was brilliant and currently resided in Celestial Court. Other peers had no choice but to bow before him.

His techniques came from one of the Nine Heavenly Scriptures - Heaven Burial Dual Wheels. The first was known as burial, the second was heaven.

He focused on the “heaven” part of this scripture, resulting in the creation of a magnificent halo.

While this technique utterly impressed the crowd, Li Qiye only smiled.

“Prepare your weapon for this shall be your last battle.” Halo Monarch roared, showing that he could punch above his level.

“Screech!” Before Li Qiye could make his move, the screech of a hawk could be heard from above.

The monarch’s unstoppable momentum was instantly suppressed as a result. The screech left the crowd weak, unable to move an inch.

“Bam!” The two claws of the hawk landed and made the ground shake violently.

“Chillglare Hawk!” The other demons had no choice but to submit before this great bird.

He looked magnificent with natural feathers that seemed to be carved. The whole world was subjected to the power of its claws. He was considered the strongest demon in Feather outside of Peacock Monarch.

Swordgrasp Venerable and Halo Monarch staggered backward. Rumor has it that this creature had eaten three dragon lords from their lineages before. All three had four sacred fruits as well.

Goldcrest couldn’t help but shudder. If it wasn’t for Li Qiye’s defensive barrier, he would be on the ground as well despite being empowered by Tiger Deity.

“Enough.” Chillglare Hawk spoke.

Jun Cuican’s expression changed as well despite his pride. This was a ferocious creature that couldn’t be reasoned with.

For example, Conceal Conqueror was stronger but she wasn’t illogical. This bird, on the other hand, was ready to devour regardless of the meals’ background.

Halo Monarch didn’t like this development since the hawk clearly wanted to interfere.

Chillglare’s sight fell on Lil’ Freckle and didn’t say anything else. The atmosphere became rather tense.

“Gentlemen, it must have been a long journey, let’s all calm down now. You too, Brother Hawl, don’t be so violent.” A voice as pleasant as the return of spring interrupted them.

Everyone looked over and saw a middle-aged man wearing a robe with golden embroidery. His clothes and ornaments were carefully chosen. Not even Halo Monarch, a king, paid as much attention to his regal outfit.

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