Frontier Magic Pharmacist

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Celebration Party

After returning to the mansion, I immediately ordered the knights to rest for a few days. As expected, I can’t let them all rest at the same time, so they’ll have to take turns. Even so, they should be able to rest longer than usual.

“Is Julius-sama not resting?”

“Ah. Because nobles don’t have holidays. It’s like they’re on holiday every day.”

“You won’t get punished if you rest for a while, right?”

In answer to Christopher’s question, Gyre opened his mouth to vent.

“Of course, you guys can take a break. We’re also taking a break from city inspections for a while. In the meantime, there’s nothing special to do.”

They make subtle faces at my words. They have not played an active role in this operation, and they must have mixed feelings about it. They are both seven-year-olds, so they should be happy to go and play, but they are strangely reserved.

“Julius-sama, you wanted to see me?”

“Oh, Lionel. Sorry about everything.”

“What are you talking about? We knights are Julius-sama’s pawns. Please don’t worry about it.”

“I see. Then I’m going to hold a celebration party, so please inform all the Knights. The place is a dance hall. Also, there is no dress code. Come in your normal clothes.”

“Are you sure?”

“Of course. I’ve already told the chef.”


Lionel bowed his head and went back. Hmph, you’d be surprised. After all, father’s treasured sake is lined up there. Since it’s a big deal, let’s have the servants and the cooks in the mansion also participate. It’s because of them that the Heine Margrave territory was protected. Rude, rude.

Thus began the victory celebrations. As I had said, everyone was dressed comfortably. This way we don’t have to worry about each other.

The food and drinks went on and on. I also ate while feeding my sister, putting my manners aside.

“Oniisama, eating together is so much fun!”

“Yes, that’s right. Meals are more fun when everyone eats together. See, are Gyre and Christopher eating too?”

“of course”

“It’s kind of like a dream!”

They both seem happy. Savoring the fine wine of victory should be a great experience.

While the children were having fun being children in this way, a slightly pale Lionel came along.

“Julius-sama, where did this liquor come from?”

“Hmm? This? This is from my father’s cellar.”

“I knew it.”

Lionel looked up at the sky. On his face was written, “No wonder it’s so good.” But it’s already open. Once you open it, the quality gets worse and worse, so you have to drink it.

“Didn’t the head chef stop you?”

“They stopped me, but I told them I had permission and they complied.”

“Permission, you say?”

“Yeah. I’ve got total authority.”

Oh, Lionel shook his head left and right as he put his hand on his face. As expected, his father would never have expected him to do such a thing. Then he should have written, “Except for the treasured liquor”.

“That’s right, Lionel. Tomorrow is fine, you can give Father a report on this time.”

“Wouldn’t it be better if Julius-sama did it?”

“No one is going to be happy to see my writing that looks like a worm slithering about.”

“… I understand.”

Lionel sighed. I’ve caused Lionel a lot of trouble, haven’t I? Should I get him something else for later? Should it be my father’s treasured liquor? But I wonder if he would indeed accept it. What should I do?

The celebration continued late into the night.

The next day, when I went to the medicinal herb garden, which was my morning routine, the knight was already watching the surroundings with sharp eyes.

“Good morning. Sorry about everything.”

“Good morning, Julius-sama! This herb garden is our lifeline. It deserves to be defended to the death!”

Somehow, it’s become a very important place. It was like a sacred place. My face felt a little tight.

“Yes, is there something needed other than magic potions?”

“Well… I have trouble with insect bites during the expedition. I can’t take off my armor even if it’s itchy, so my concentration gets distracted.”

“I see. Then you need an anti-itch, no, you should have some insect repellent spray.”

“Bug repellent spray?”

“Ah, no, it’s just a story. Thank you for your valuable opinion. It was helpful.”

“No, not at all!”

A knight saluting with a stiff salute. I don’t have insect repellent spray, but I do have “insect repellent incense”. There is also an anti-itch ointment. In the game they were just items for delivery quests, but when you think about it, they are useful in real life.

There may be a lot of items I’m missing. All the magic potions I had in mind were items that were useful in battle. Maybe I should consider promoting magic potions from a commoner’s perspective.

The ingredients needed to make insect repellents and anti-itch products happen to be grown in this medicinal herb garden as well. I was actually thinking of making herbal tea, but now I have another use for it.

This is getting too cramped in the current medicinal herb garden. I won’t be able to leave the mansion for a while, so let’s work on expanding the medicinal herb garden.

If there are materials I need, I’ll ask the Adventurers’ Guild for them. This time, we’ve developed a deeper relationship with them in many ways, and I think I can ask them for help a little more easily. It turned out to be a subjugation strategy that was fruitful in various ways.

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