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Chapter 519

Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang—

The only sound ringing in the battlefield was the sound of Asura’s exploding Blood Carnival. Plenty chose to flee in order to survive, but they still died after being swept away by the horrendous explosion. Elpis, Conir, Cerberus, Locke, and the others focused on protecting Legion Commander Park and the troops of Beyond the Heavens Kingdom, until their bodies were battered, bruised and torn.

However, something shocking happened right at that very moment.


The dragons, wrapped in dozens of shields, moved and used their huge bodies to cover the ragged and torn bodies of the members of Beyond the Heavens Kingdom.

“Why…?” Ascar, who was already vomiting blood, asked the dragon in front of her.

“I also want to ask myself that question,” Dragon Genesis said as he hugged and protected Ascar with his gigantic body. Genesis then smiled and continued, “This was because of our blunder. This is caused by our foolishness. This is our sin.”

On the surface, it was a solid reason, but in fact, the dragons just wanted to protect these humans that fought together alongside them.

“…Is that so?” Ascar smiled bitterly. Although Genesis was speaking in a roundabout way, Ascar could tell what he truly felt. Then…

Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang—

…a huge explosion bloomed and swept away the area, hitting Genesis, Dragon Elder Velach and the other dragons that protected the Beyond the Heavens guild members, NPCs, and troops. The dragons’ bodies were ripped apart, blood spurting up like a fountain. However, they did not give in.

As for Ascar, she saw through the gaps of Genesis’ body how Ellie ran toward Asura to stop the explosions. But Asura just grabbed Ellie by the collar and raised one of his arms to cut off her neck, as if he expected this to happen.

“N, no…”


Unfortunately, Ascar did not have any more power to help Ellie. All she could do was cry as she watched the gruesome scene unfold in front of her. Meanwhile, Asura looked at Ellie as if she was an annoying pest. She was just a mere human but she dared to rush at him like this. Asura decided then and there that he would remove this pesky human in front of him as quickly as possible.

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But just when he was about to swing his arm…


Ellie grabbed Asura’s arm with one hand.

“Ho?” Asura breathed out in surprise. But he just grabbed Ellie’s hand and snapped it.


Asura looked at the woman in front of him in awe. Despite her neck being grabbed and her hand being cracked, Ellie remained silent. She did not let a single moan or scream escape from the seams of her mouth. In fact, even her glaring eyes remained fierce and firm. Asura found it very amusing so he tried to cut her neck once again.

But before he could do so, a golden light burst out from behind him. The golden light shone brightly, just like a beacon, amidst this dark, red and gloomy atmosphere created by the exploding blood.

“Done,” a cold voice rang behind Asura, bringing chills down his spine.

The first thought that flashed in Asura’s mind was to quickly finish the woman in his hands. He firmly believed that it was possible for him to kill this woman before the owner of that voice could make a move. Everything was still within Asura’s calculations.

Just when he was about to swing his greatsword once again…


…the owner of the voice was already standing in front of Asura. The man slapped away the arm that was brandishing the greatsword toward Ellie. As…




…Asura’s leftmost head fell on the ground.


Blood spurted out from the neck where Asura’s leftmost head was attached just a few moments prior. Asura’s two remaining heads turned to the left at the same time, their expression turning horribly distorted and ugly.

“How dare you, measly human…”

“My head…”

The two heads roared furiously as Asura tried to crush the hand that slapped and grabbed his own. After all, his power far surpassed that of any being in the human realm. But…


…he could not move. Asura was perplexed. How could a mere human being stop him with just one hand? Furthermore…


Minhyuk exerted a slight pressure in his hands, snapping Asura’s wrist as he said, “…Worship.”


Asura’s knees folded helplessly in front of everyone. At this moment, Asura felt a huge sense of shame, a feeling that he has never felt before in his life.

‘I’m… kneeling in front of a human…?’

After the Blood Carnival’s explosion, Velach took a look around, while left in a helpless state as his regenerative power tried to mend the damage in his body. He could see that the other dragons were in a very similar situation to him.

Right now all of the dragons present were staring wide-eyed at Minhyuk.




While everyone was stunned at the sight presented to them, Minhyuk raised his sword and cut down Asura’s rightmost head.



The entire world looked at Asura, who had lost two heads in a row, in shock.

‘How is this possible?’

The answer to that question was simple. It was all thanks to the Food God’s strongest skill collaboration, the combination of Double Food and Overlapping Delight. The dish that Minhyuk decided to cook under the protection of Let’s Have a Meal was none other than ‘Chicken Mayo Rice’.

It was a dish that was made with rice topped with well-fried boneless chicken, mayonnaise and another special sauce. On top of being delicious, it was very convenient to eat. The greatest advantage of this dish was that it was quick and easy to make.

Once the decision had been made, Minhyuk immediately started to cook. After all, he knew that the longer he spent cooking, the more disadvantageous the situation was for him and his allies.

Unfortunately, chicken mayo rice only came out as an ‘epic’ grade dish. But with the help of Double Food, Minhyuk was able to replicate another chicken mayo rice. And with Overlapping Delight, Minhyuk was able to receive the buff effects of the two dishes at the same time. Thankfully, Minhyuk was able to get ‘5’, when he threw the Overlapping Delight’s die.

[The die has been cast! You have rolled a five!]

[The Overlapping Delight’s buff effect will last for four minutes!]

[You have received the effects of the Epic Grade Chicken Mayo Rice and the Epic Grade Chicken Mayo Rice!]

[All of your stats will increase by 34%!]

[Your sword’s basic attack has increased by 300%!]

[Ellie’s Swordsmanship’s skill level has increased by +2!]

[Ellie’s Swordsmanship’s MP consumption and Cooldown has decreased by 20%!]

Even though the dish that Minhyuk made was only epic grade, the buff effects that he received was almost on par with a god grade dish, thanks to the effects of Overlapping Delight.

‘I have to finish it quickly.’

Asura, who was left with only one head, panicked for a moment.

As for Minhyuk? He was in a hurry. All he needed to do was cut off the final head and everything would be over.


So, he swung his sword as quickly as he could. But the stunned state that covered Asura’s body from Worship had already been released. Tremendous bloody energy exploded from Asura’s body and covered the entire area the moment the state was released.


[Asura’s Wrath has been triggered.]

[Asura’s physical and magical defenses have decreased by 60%. However, as compensation, his physical and magical attack will increase by 20%.]

[Asura’s AGI will increase by 30%.]

[Asura has now received the effects.]


Red streams of light began to seep out of Asura’s body as he pulled back slightly and shot toward Minhyuk. The attack made Minhyuk fly back.


Asura, whose AGI had increased by 30%, was as fast as the speed of light, if not faster. His figure was almost invisible to the eye with his current speed.

Asura aimed his six greatswords at Minhyuk. It was clear that Minhyuk would be forced to log out the moment those six greatswords made contact with his body. But just when Asura’s attack was about to reach Minhyuk…


Ellie dropped from the skies and landed a kick on Asura’s shoulders, forcing the trajectory of the attack to change.


Asura’s swords only cut through air. Minhyuk, who was still flying from the impact of the attack earlier, shouted, “Mei Wei!!!”

“Roger! Bread Shuttle!!!” Bread Shuttle Mei Wei shouted as she squeezed through the gaps of the dragon that protected her. She immediately understood Minhyuk’s ‘one line’ call.

Ellie currently had a buff effect, but it was far worse than the buff effect that Minhyuk had. Minhyuk’s call was an order for her to give Ellie a buff to make her stronger. The only consideration was that Ellie had the effects of a buff dish and Athenae was a game that prevented buffs from overlapping most of the time.

[Altering God’s Blessings.]

[A buff can overlap with another buff.]

[All of your stats will increase by 12%.]

[Your AGI will increase by 20%.]

The Altering God’s Blessings was one of Mei Wei’s weakest buff skills. It was still a ridiculous skill, since it could allow buff effects to overlap. The skill was so ridiculous that it devoured 20% of Mei Wei’s MP in one go. However, the sacrifice was worth it since it allowed Ellie to gain a stronger power.


Ellie flew forward, blocking three of Asura’s greatswords. When Asura moved to chase after Ellie, Minhyuk immediately found his bearings, dug in and restrained his movements.

Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang—

The sound of their swords colliding was so loud that it caught everyone’s attention.


Prince Votto and the knights of the Warrior’s Nation were all stunned and tongue-tied as they watched this scene unfold. Ellie was the Sword Emperor and the Absolute Supreme NPC. She was both a sister and a teacher to Minhyuk. On the other hand, Minhyuk was a swordsman that was on par with Dawoul, an Olympic Gold Medalist. The combination of these two people was enough to bring shivers down the spine of everyone watching them.

‘I also want to fight like them.’

Sweat pooled in the hands of everyone present as they cheered for the two of them. Ellie’s sword sent Asura high in the sky.


Minhyuk immediately followed and slammed his sword down on Asura.


Asura blocked Minhyuk’s sword with one hand, as another hand immediately tried to attack Minhyuk. But Ellie flew up and helped Minhyuk out of Asura’s attack range. Then, Minhyuk grabbed Ellie’s ankle and threw her down, adding momentum to her downward fall and giving her more speed as she pressured Asura.

Clang, clang, clang, clang, clang—

Minhyuk, who was also falling down, cut off one of Asura’s arms.


Ellie took advantage of Asura’s pain and cut off another one of his arms as he shrieked loudly. With two arms cut off, Asura’s range of attack had narrowed even more, allowing them more time to breathe and more freedom to move.



However, Asura’s HP was ridiculously high. On top of that, Asura seemed like he was not going to be reckless anymore, as he protected his remaining head.

“How long?”

“Two minutes!”

Ellie and Minhyuk were in a very urgent situation. After all, Minhyuk’s buff effect only had two minutes left. Then, Mei Wei suddenly thought of a way to shave off Asura’s ridiculously high HP, “How about using Dragon and Tiger?!”

Dragon and Tiger was the skill that Khan and Ares used before. Mei Wei had recently acquired Skill Copy, a God’s Agent’s Secret Skill, that allowed Mei Wei to copy the skills of other people and bestow it upon another.


Then, the figure of a tiger suddenly appeared behind Minhyuk.


While a roaring dragon appeared behind Ellie.

[Dragon and Tiger.]

[The dragon and tiger fighting together and inflicting continuous damages will give you greater power.]

[Additional 200% damage will be inflicted for every successful attack made within 0.9 seconds of the previous attack.]

[The dragon and tiger will be granted an invincible state for three seconds. The invincibility will extend for every successful linked attack.]

Each successful attack would have 200% additional damage and would even allow them invincibility as long as the link was not broken. The first to move was Ellie as she slashed toward Asura.


Minhyuk immediately followed, punching Asura’s back with his fists.

Punch! Ping, ping, ping, ping, ping, ping—

The two people continuously sent attacks toward Asura, who was still in the air.


Asura swung his fists at them but as long as Minhyuk and Ellie’s attacks were successfully linked, the two would remain invincible. They sent linked attacks ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty times in a row. Only thirty seconds had passed since they started their attacks but…

[Successful link! Damage will increase by 200%!]

[Your invincible state will remain.]

[Your invincible state…]

[You have achieved marvelous continuous attacks.You will incur additional 2,000% damage!]

[You have incurred a total of 9,000% damage!]

[Your invincible state…]

[Successful link!]

[Your invincible state…]

[You have achieved marvelous continuous attacks. You will incur additional 2,000% damage!]

[You have incurred a total of 20,000% damage!]

The entire world was left speechless at Minhyuk and Ellie’s crazy display of tacit understanding and power. Only a minute and a half had passed by but the two of them had already dealt over a hundred linked attacks on Asura. Everyone was surprised at their perfect combination which easily surpassed Khan and Ares’ combination.

At first Asura only suffered minor injuries, but as time went on, the damage that he received piled on top of each other. Now, Asura would stagger from the impact of a fist or a kick. Blood would spurt out of Asura’s body with every attack that he received. After all, his physical defense had been drastically reduced with the triggering of his ‘Wrath’.

“Keuaaaaaaaaack!” Asura’s screams echoed loudly. But, he remained helpless and could only passively receive Minhyuk and Ellie’s rapid linked attacks, while moaning and groaning from the bone breaking and flesh tearing pain.

Meanwhile, Ellie and Minhyuk were both calculating the time for…

‘20, 19, 18…’

…Minhyuk’s buff to end. With only a few seconds left, the two of them stood on each side of Asura and cast their skills at the same time. Minhyuk’s Ellie’s Swordsmanship was originally Ellie’s own. In other words, they were both using the same skill. And the skill that both of them used on Asura right now was the most powerful skill used when targeting an individual.

“Sword of Frenzy.”

“Sword of Frenzy.”

The two of them cast the same skill at the same time…



Two swords stabbed at Asura’s vital points as the 20,000% damage from Dragon and Tiger Skill overlapped with their skill’s effects.

Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang—

Ping, ping, ping, ping, ping, ping—

Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang—

Ping, ping, ping, ping, ping, ping—

Asura’s body exploded from the strong force that flowed through his flanks, his blood gushing out like a fountain and dyeing the world red. Then, the notification rang.

[You have successfully hunted Demigod Asura.]

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