I Am the Cutest in the Universe

Chapter 57

Tu Mianmian, who wanted to hear fans blowing rainbow farts, was dragged back to the bed by the Duke.

“You can watch the fans’ compliments at any time.” The Duke held the little husband in his arms and took away the light brain.

Pregnant people must maintain adequate sleep!

“Oh.” Tu Mianmian struggled in the Duke’s arms, “Don’t pay attention to me. I’m just looking at it a bit.”

Sivir lowered his head, he didn’t open his eyes even when Tu Mianmian was struggling in his arms tenaciously, even though he was sleepy.

He turned over and pressed Tu Mianmian under him, hugging him a little tighter.

He rubbed his chin against Tu Mianmian’s cheek, and his warm breath brushed the end of Tu Mianmian’s eyes when he spoke, “I’ve missed holding you.”

Tu Mianmian: “…”


He was turned over, but he placed his hands on Sivir’s waist.

The rogue Little Rabbit touched the Duke’s abdominal muscles.

o(▽)q! ! !

The little husband laid down awkwardly, no longer struggling, and no longer thinking about the fans’ rainbow farts.

Doesn’t it sound good to sleep while touching the old Gong?

Isn’t it just rainbow farts?

After waking up, let Judy take the lead in blowing vigorously, so that a pig can fly when standing in the wind. (T/N: basically means to compliment so much that he’ll feel like flying away)


The internet-addicted little rabbit who got up early fell asleep again under the offensive of his husband’s male temptation.

Tu Mianmian usually either doesn’t sleep, or sleeps and won’t wake up.

It was already noon when he woke up from a full slumber.

After lunch, Tu Mianmian drank another bowl of bitter anti-miscarriage medicine.

He was sitting on the sofa looking at his light brain, while being fed sugar water by the Duke.

In fact, it is not good to drink sugar water just after taking the medicine.

But the Duke was reluctant to let him endure hardships, and he couldn’t bear to see the appearance of his little husband crying miserably.

The little prince who was served by the Duke, only ate a few mouthfuls and didn’t suffer.

The little husband, who had a mouth full of sweet sugar water escaping from suffering, raised his head after watching his light brain, and asked seriously: “Are we going to start sending out wedding invitations?”

Sivir nodded slightly. After feeding Tu Mianmian the last sip of sugar water, —wipes his mouth—

It’s like serving a little ancestor.

Judy next to them also nodded, and responded: “Yes, Madam.”

Butler Anderson took the robots to the Cathedral of Santo Dro to make wedding arrangements.

Things in the Duke’s Mansion were now temporarily managed by Judy.

She said to Tu Mianmian: “For those noble relatives who have contacts with the Duke’s Mansion, their invitations will be sent by the Duke’s Mansion.”

“You and Your Highness the Duke only need to write out the wedding invitations of your friends and send them out.”

Tu Mianmian was stunned.

It’s easy to write only wedding invitations to friends.

“Wedding invitations to friends.” Sitting on the sofa, Tu Mianmian counted with his fingers solemnly, “Let me see who they are…”


He said the names and counted. If he made a mistake, he’d do it all over again.

Judy: “…”

Judy: “…”

Judy looked worriedly from the side.

Madam has not been in the Central Star for a long time, and there are only a few people he has made good friends with.. yet Madam can’t count them.

It’s said that one pregnancy makes one stupid for three years, and the Madam is pregnant with two at one time, so it will equal six stupid years in total.

Rounding up again, it’s ten years.

Ooo, the Duchess, is not very smart, so what will happen if it goes on like this.

Judy is heartbroken for Duchess Mianmian.

“Mianmian.” Sivir was the first to break the silence, “You can…”

“Oh! Don’t make noise!” Tu Mianmian waved his hand.

He looked at his fingers, as if he was thinking about some important national affairs, “I forgot who to count again!”

Sivir: “…”

His Excellency choked.

Finally figuring out the number—he wanted to invite Robbins, Fritsch, Xu Lu, Dululu, Little Elf, Dandan Grass and others.

Also add Anna and Yuri on the Duke’s side.

People who can be counted with two hand slaps—it took so long to count…

When Judy left, the sadness between her brows became more and more serious.

What should her cub do if he is suspected of being stupid because of pregnancy?

His Excellency the Duke also didn’t know what to say.

In short, his little sweetheart is just good everywhere.


After the important guest list of the wedding invitation was confirmed, the maids and home service robots of the Duke’s Mansion begin to prepare the corresponding wedding items.

It included the souvenirs sent to the guests on the wedding day, as well as the unique wax seal of the last era.

After the wax pellets were melted, the wax liquid was poured on the lip of the invitation cards, and a single-handled seal was stamped on it, leaving behind the crest of the Chris family.

Sivir took over doing most of the invitations sent to the nobles, and even though the task of sealing them was enormous.

The rest of the invitations for relatives and friends were handed over to the curious and eager little husband to stamp the seal.

Tu Mianmian asked the home service robots to hold his things for him, as he was going to work in the spacious living room.

Sivir had no objection, nodded and said: “Of course.”

Tu Mianmian left happily.

After he started the live broadcast in the living room, he began to work with his head down.

The dark golden wax pellets exuded a refreshing, faint fragrance after melting, which was not harmful at all, but instead made people feel spiritually clearer.

Pour it on the invitation card, and then cover it with a single-handled seal, and a sealing seal is completed.

On the red invitation card, the low-key and restrained dark gold family crest could not be ignored.

Tu Mianmian touched the wax seal after it had dried, and finally felt a little sad that he was about to get married.


Once again, going to be married as a husband.

Tu Mianmian held up the invitation card and looked at it under the sunlight.

Under the sunlight, the dark, golden seal seemed to have a golden light flowing slowly around it.

“It’s so beautiful.” Tu Mianmian was delighted.

He printed the seal so beautifully!

Tu Mianmian placed a printed invitation beside him, and when he looked up to watch the live broadcast room, he found that the live broadcast room was already very lively, with everyone posting in the barrage.

Tu Mianmian tilted his head, watched the barrage for a while, and then smiled: “I want to randomly pick a lucky audience member…”

“Send a wedding invitation!”

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