I Don’t Want To Inherit A Feudal Estate So I’ll Just Throw Everything On My Brother And Live As I Please

Chapter 134

Chapter 134

“Neo Positive Campaign: Save the Villagers from the Epidemic”

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“Neo Positive Campaign: Save the Villagers from the Epidemic”

“That is why.”

“I see…”

When I asked the village chief of Rogue Village for more details, he told me that the story went back to about seven days ago.

A number of villagers suddenly began to suffer from a mysterious fever, which quickly spread throughout the entire Malbert territory. Now, even those who were not infected by the disease were not coming out of their homes for fear of the epidemic.

“…It seems you’ve got that disease too.”

“What!? Do you have an appraisal skill, Roland-sama?”

“Well, something similar.”

I answered the village chief’s question lightly as I went over the details. It seemed that he was infected with the same disease called “Lutjohy’s Disease,” which had appeared when I analyzed the daughter of the villager who had just collapsed.

Apparently, he had received the disease-causing bacteria from the girl, and it was indicated that it would be a day and a few hours before the onset of the disease. The details of Lutjohy’s disease were as follows.

Lutjohy’s Disease: A disease characterized by severe symptoms accompanied by fever. The main routes of infection are droplet infection and airborne infection, in which pathogens are transmitted from an infected person by droplets emitted by coughing or by exhalations of pathogen-containing germs.

In my previous life, this type of viral disease had spread many times, and it seemed to be raging in this world as well. Fortunately, since he had only just become infected, a light recovery magic could be used to treat him, but if his symptoms progressed, as was the case with the girl I mentioned earlier, it would require high-level recovery magic to cure him, and there was a high likelihood that it would be too late.

“[Cure Medicine].”

“T-this is…”

There was nothing more terrifying than an unknown viral disease, but to me, it was no different than just a small winged insect, so single magic was all it took. I didn’t know why, but recovery magic seemed to be a very high-ranking skill, and although the skill itself didn’t manifest itself but used light magic and the application of water magic, it was still a very powerful ability. I hope that one day it will manifest itself as a skill.

So, I quickly cured the village chief’s illness with light magic and completely healed him before the symptoms developed. The village chief was wide-eyed and surprised when he saw this, but without worrying about it, I let him lead me to the place where the sick people were.

“This way, please.”

“…There’s so many. It’s too much trouble [High Area Cure Medicine]!”

I was shown to a place where a simple tent had been erected in the plaza, and the sick were laid out on a goza-like mat. Most of them were suffering from fever and were in a dangerous state, hovering between life and death.

However, since it was not such a serious illness to me, I deployed a broad-spectrum disease-curing spell to save myself the trouble of looking around at each person one by one. A blue-white magic circle was activated, killing the pathogens that were the source of the disease in the sick person’s body.

The cure was completed in the blink of an eye, and the villagers, suddenly free of physical pain, began to fuss about what had happened, but a word from the village chief declared that the disease had been cured.

“It was Roland-sama, who is here, who cured me of this illness. You should all be grateful to Roland-sama.”

Many of them looked astonished at the village chief’s words or had their faces drawn back. That was a true testament to the terrible things I had done. The village chief was about to demand that the villagers express their gratitude in a loud voice, but I stopped him and spoke to them.

“Villagers! Some of you here have been oppressed by me. So you don’t have to say a word of thanks. Just think of this time as an apology for what I have done in the past. Besides, the reason I’ve come back to this place again is not to help you guys in any way. Well, then, I’m sorry to have disturbed you.”


As I said this, I turned on my heel and was about to head for the Malbert family residence when I saw the villager who was holding the daughter I had just met. The villager bowed his head to me vigorously and spoke words of gratitude

“Thank you very much! Without you, my daughter here would not have been saved. Whatever you’ve done in the past, I’m grateful for what you’ve done now. Thank you so much.”

The man bowed to me, and gradually more and more people began to bow to me, eventually resulting in all of them bowing to me. Even the village head danced in front of me and bowed, and everyone bowed to me.

“For now, the disease will not kill you. Then, I’m going to the mansion.”

“Thank you again, Roland-sama, for what you’ve done.”

“Don’t worry about it. This is just another way for me to atone for the sins I have committed in the past.”

With that, I headed for the Malbert family mansion, which I hadn’t seen in a long time.

As I headed toward the gate of the mansion, I saw a familiar face fidgeting in front of the gate. It had only been a few months, but I still felt that my brother, whom I hadn’t seen in a long time, was more robust than before.

When Mark spotted me, he smiled a dazzling smile that would easily make any woman fall for him, and was so pleased that it was almost as if he were a pet dog waiting for its master to return.

“Welcome back brother! I missed you!!”

“You can tell that to the woman who will eventually become your wife. You can’t take my heart away from me by telling me that, you know? There is no such thing as a younger brother who is better than his older brother.”


Mark was embarrassed at my words, his cheeks flushed red and his body wriggling. It was a nice sight to see if it was a girl, but I wasn’t too happy to see a boy and my younger brother doing that to me, you know?

While I was rejoicing in the reunion of brothers after a long absence, a roaring sound came out of nowhere. If I listened carefully, the source of the sound was coming from the mansion, and at that point, I could almost guess who the owner of the sound was.

“Ooldeer brootheer Roolaandddd.”

Yes, the owner of that roar was my little sister Laura, my other sibling. Whether she had heard from Mark that I was coming home, or whether she had sensed my return with her natural instincts was beyond my control, but she had spotted me and was running toward me at full speed from the entrance of the mansion.

“Good grief, this place is as noisy as ever. Can’t you greet me more quietly?”

“That’s how happy she is to see you again, older brother.”

As I listened to Mark’s response to my dismay, I prepared myself to deal with Laura as she approached.

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