In This Life, I Will Raise You Well, Your Majesty!

Chapter 117

IWRYWYM Ch. 117 — The Fall of the West

There was a riot in the duke’s castle. How could the knights and soldiers guarding the duke’s castle stand still? They scattered and tried to find the cause of the disturbance and eliminate the culprit.

Yes, that’s what they should be doing, but…

Gratak! Bang!

The unexpected result of what would happen when water collided with lightning and exploded was truly disastrous.

“Cough, cough, cough!”

Those hit by the fragments of energy that had bounced off in all directions were thrown to the floor and trembled. Although there was no cut in flesh or blood splattered, the rolled-back eyes scared the hearts of those who followed.

The area near the entrance of the central hall on the first floor was completely broken and open, causing the most damage to those who gathered outside.


The face of Marquis Rwanda looking down from this floor was distorted. He was trying to go up to the top floor, but only the stairs were attached, and the passageway was completely broken. As he had to give up looking for the duke, he looked like he was about to sink.

“What about Count Dout? Where is he?! What have the young master and his wife been doing?!”

Marquis Rwanda asked about the key figures who would have to work together to rectify the situation in the duke’s absence, but none of the knights escorting him could answer.

Wasn’t it natural? If the knights in charge of the escort had left him and were investigating the situation, how could Marquis Rwanda still be alive?

Marquis Rwanda was angry because he understood, but he did not give direct instructions to disperse the knights.

He stared at the stairs down to the first-floor central hall. The broken part was also a problem, but he thought it would be more dangerous to have water in places.

This was because there was enough water here and there, and the yellow lighting bolts hovering above hadn’t been extinguished yet.

Marquis Rwanda looked at the Western Tower Master and the 2nd Consort Elisha, who were fighting in the hall’s center. Each time they clashed, lightning and streams of water engulfed each other, and the duke’s castle shattered.

Unbelievably, two non-Western nobles were fighting for the title of lord of the West in this center of the Western aristocracy.

Just as the orb the lion was biting was broken, and the duke’s misfortunes began, the two people over there seemed to end the splendid duchy’s splendor by destroying the duke’s castle.

He didn’t want to watch the end as a courtesy to the duke to whom he had been loyal for a long time…

Marquis Rwanda turned around with a frown.

“I’m going to go to this floor and down through the window.”

Wouldn’t it be funny to die defending a position that even the direct descendants of the duke don’t protect?

Marquis Rwanda, who did not know that the Western Tower Master had broken the portal, thought he had to return to the marchy and prepare for the next time. But he was suddenly being pulled over.

Clank! Clank!

There was no time to get angry because he’d almost fallen backward. The sword’s blade flashed in front of him, and the roaring sound of iron resounded incessantly. When did the Imperial Knights come and attack Marquis Rwanda?

“Retreat, Marquis!”

The marquis’ knights were more closely spaced so that the knights of the imperial army could not approach the marquis behind them.

The marquis looked back and was stunned. The front was blocked off, and the back was just a dark staircase leading down to the central hall.

How and where should he retreat to?

The marquis, alternately staring back and forth, stumbled on the first step. His body rolled down the stairs without the time to scream.


When the marquis stretched out on the hall floor and lifted his head in surprise, the first thing he saw was a bright red ball of fire. William’s attack, which Elisha had escaped, devoured the marquis. The marquis’ knights were stunned by such a futile death and stopped moving their swords.

Elisha looked at them for a brief moment. Unlike their masters, the knights of Marquis Rwanda were neat in their actions and upright in heart.

She was thankful for their love and care for Leon during her previous trip to the West. To them, there was only one sincerity that Elisha could show now.

“Send them like a knight.”

Elisha’s voice wasn’t loud, but it was clear enough to be heard by those on this floor. The Eastern knights were slightly startled, and the knights of Marquis Rwanda pulled themselves together and straightened their swords. William, who was holding his breath for a moment opposite Elisha, twisted his lips.

“Why don’t you just give up? Perseverance doesn’t mean you can win.”

“It’s not like I can live just from giving up, right?”

Elisha retorted as if William was saying something stupid and wiped the dried blood from her lips with the back of her hand. Undine rubbed her cheek and touched her wounds here and there with her hands, as if she felt sorry for her.

“At least you can die beautifully. Enough for the 3rd Prince who saw your body not to faint. I’ll let you say goodbye.”

Although I can’t guarantee the tattered flesh. William thought this must be harsh for Elisha, who cherished the 3rd Prince very much, but it seemed he was wrong.

“I’ve never lived to die well, even for a moment. I don’t know if I was prepared for any death to live well.”

As Elisha answered, water slowly filled the floor, which had begun to get wet from where she stood. Elisha raised her index finger and pointed below her.

“Put another lightning bolt, Master. Then we’ll all burn up together. And wouldn’t I be able to last longer than my old teacher?”


William’s eyes gleamed with bloodthirst. Since Elisha had water energy, fire was incompatible with it, and his lightning only brought danger to himself.

William recalled the strongest attack magic formula he had with the wind element.

“Everyone, get out!”

Elisha’s shout could be heard by those on this floor and the Imperial Knights who would be performing their duties in various parts of the duke’s castle. Then she summoned a water column to surround herself.

Water and fire were the least common among the spirits. However, it was a different story with magic. The two were the most commonly used artificially attack magic.

The two had clear properties: fire had strong destructive power, and water had many uses because it was highly deformable. Next was lightning, and a few mages liked it because of its surprisingly good effect.

However, the wind was not popular because it was difficult to distinguish its clear properties, and it was not conspicuous.

For that reason, those who deliberately made the magic formula for the wind were particularly obsessed with it or had a unique personality…

The master Elisha knew was interested in mana theory, but was not interested in formulas, so he mainly used a simple method to maximize mana efficiency and give strength.

She thought his tendency to use lightning after fire wouldn’t have changed much, but wind…

Wind disturbed water just as water blocked fire. Not to mention the castle was already in a bad state. Sure enough.

Paaang! Paang!

The fierce wind hit the water column before Elisha in a half circle. It suddenly swirled and sucked up the water column. Then Elisha made a pushing gesture strongly as it tried to rush toward her.

The whirlwind of water and wind gushed upward as if it was thrown away and rose through the high ceiling of the castle’s central hall.

Shattered pieces fell through the sharply drawn cracks and hit the floor of the concourse.

Dust did not rise because of the water that Elisha had filled to the ankle level.

“Huh, huh.”

Elisha took a deep breath. Each of the eight mana rings moved and resounded without getting tired. Elisha moved her hand in the strong wind blowing before her again.


A stream of water rose and sunk. Undine shook her head.


Elisha gritted her teeth. The wind swayed in the shape of a clenched fist, ferociously revealing its teeth to tear Elisha apart. The moment it was about to swallow her in one bite-!

Elisha tightened her grip on her sword. Without Undine’s help, she knew how weak she was, her mana rings were twisted, and her mana road was cut off, so doing this with a body where a single point of mana couldn’t flow was useless, but Elisha didn’t stop.

She put her everything and stabbed the sword into the mouth of the wind!

Even if she could dig one more inch, Elisha would do anything. Even though it might not seem like much to see, all of the incredible achievements that she had achieved all started with that small difference.

This was called possibility.

So, in Elisha’s, who was squeezing everything she had, head, the space surrounded by the jade she had walked into in Miyon Desert came to mind. The moment when she fully inhaled the fullest energy of her life.

A wonderful road that would never be repeated in the imperial estate was drawn in the beautiful green place!

Elisha, who had been abandoned in the path of mana where humans left footprints, began to step on it. His whole body trembled. His heart was burning hot.


More blood came out of Elisha’s mouth. Her vitality seemed to wear out as much as the spirit’s mana road continued.

Whatever her situation was, the enemy had no reason to wait for her. The sword in her hand rolled like candy in the mouth in the wind.

Her silver hair was sucked in and fluttered wildly as it tried to swallow her head first. The wind appeared like clenching a fist.

Soon when the wind covered her head to toes, William, the Tower Master, would twist her completely by squeezing the wind in the other direction, holding it tightly.

It’s a perfect ending, isn’t it? He was now an 8th-circle mage. Of course he had to mix some advanced formulas within the wind he had already created.

Now that I’ve made up my mind, there’s nothing I couldn’t do. William appreciated Elisha being eaten by the wind. The wind was swirling, so the inside was not clearly visible, but the color was projected outward.

Silver hair, white skin, and the uniform she was wearing were mixed and turbid as a result of the wind. As Elisha’s body seemed covered with a large cloth to her toes, William recited a formula and signed a seal.

The use of the mana formula varied slightly from mage to mage and from faction to faction. William liked to command mana with dignity.

Perhaps Elisha used her hands a lot in moving spirit because she inherited such a tendency from him early on.

The corners of William’s mouth were bent as he moved his hands like he was squeezing a towel.

Crack! Crack!

The wind engulfing Elisha twisted vertically and horizontally accordingly. Then, a subtle red light began to spread in the texture of the wind. The blood she just vomited was so clear and vast that he couldn’t even imagine it.

“That’s what I thought.”

William was in awe. He was so sad that only he could see this enchanting scene.

He wanted to keep watching, but he was running out of time. He had to clean up the remnants of the duke’s castle and select another to kill among the living.

In particular, the successor of Eastern Duke Cherkah must be retained. There would be a lot of trouble since he’d broken the portal and communication device, but what could’ve been done then? Otherwise, it would’ve caused greater damage.

Still, there would be several places where he could communicate if he searched through the central city. Even if there wasn’t a portal, he could try to move the mages of the Western Tower to another portal on the nearest estate.

Clearing his head, William’s eyes widened as he looked again to dissipate the wind. The wind, which should have been completely twisted and tightened in the middle, was no longer narrowing, leaving a certain thickness.

“What the-?”

The inside of the wind should’ve already been ragged. William was puzzled. He wondered if the formula had a loophole or if his calculation was insufficient. He lifted the wind curtain and tried to shake off the squeezed corpse inside.

Yes, he certainly tried to.


But his opponent was one step faster.

A pillar of fire erupted, and the wind that had suppressed Elisha was torn to pieces.

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