Phoenix Hairpin

Chapter 97

You haven’t married yet, who is your father-in-law!

  Lu Mingyu couldn't help but glare at Li Jing.

  Li Jing didn't care, still smiling like a spring breeze.

   It was Lu Mingfang and the siblings, who were shocked by Li Jing's face for a while. But when they saw his enthusiasm again, they were all overjoyed for Lu Mingyu.

   Lu Lin laughed, the future son-in-law looked a little more pleasing to the eyes. However, one should be polite enough to be polite: "You haven't married yet, so it's too early for Your Highness to change his words."

   Li Jing said with a smile: "Sooner or later, it doesn't matter if it's earlier. If my father-in-law rewards me with a red packet for changing my words, I won’t refuse.”

   These words were witty and intimate.

  Lu Lin had never been a rigid person. He was even happier to see his future son-in-law getting close to him. He smiled happily: "Okay, I'll have someone prepare a big red packet immediately."

   Everyone laughed together.

  Lu Mingyu: "..."

All right! Everyone was so happy, and it didn't seem right for her to be the only one with a sour expression.

  Lu Mingyu squeezed out a smile reluctantly.

  Li Jing smiled silently when he saw it in his eyes.

   Being able to make Fourth Miss Lu put on a pretense was not something that an idle person can do.

  Li Jing was greeted by everyone, stepped forward, and met Lu Mingyu face to face. Lu Mingyu felt strangely wrong in her heart, but when confronting people head-on, she never lost the wind. She stared back reflexively.

  Li Jing seemed to like seeing her lively and grinned again.

   A smile jumped between his brows, and his eyes were like spring water. This heartfelt joy radiating from the inside was extremely infectious.

  Lu Mingyu's heart softened and silently moved a few steps away. Li Jing immediately stood beside Lu Mingyu.

  Lu Mingfang and the others quietly winked and laughed silently.

   When Lu Lin acted as if he didn't see anything, and stepped forward first. Immediately, Lu Mingfang and others followed. The crowd took a few quick steps, intentionally or unintentionally.

  Li Jing walked very slowly.

  Lu Mingyu had to slow down and walk side by side with Li Jing.

   It was already dark at this time, and the cool evening wind was blowing in front of him, blowing a strand of Lu Mingyu's long hair. Unfortunately, it just hit Li Jing's face.

  Lu Mingyu was a little annoyed, reached out and brushed back her long hair and tucked it back to her ear.

   She thought that Li Jing would be a little unhappy, but she turned her head and met Li Jing's smiling warm black eyes.

   "Aren't you supposed to stay in the Palace? Why did you come to Lu's residence?" Lu Mingyu lowered her voice.

   Li Jing whispered in a cooperating voice: "I want to see you, so I'm here."

  Simple words are better than sweet words.

  I want to see you, so here I am.

  There was a palace banquet in the palace, and the Royal family gathered together. But I missed you, so I came to Lu's house.

  Lu Mingyu felt a strange restlessness in her heart. She wanted to reach out and grab Li Jing's collar, and fiercely ask him, "If I killed you, why didn't you kill me? Why do you have to look at me with such dizzy eyes?"

  Unfortunately, she could only think about it in her mind.

   No matter how heartless she was, she couldn't do such a thing. What she owed him will be repaid slowly for the rest of her life. Facing the creditor, how can you stand upright!

  Li Jing seemed to see Lu Mingyu's helplessness.

   He didn't speak anymore, just walked forward slowly and quietly. It seems that he deliberately left the palace banquet to come to Lu Mansion, just to walk with her for such a long journey.


   Lu's family banquet, of course, Lu Lin sat on the head.

   He wanted to invite His Royal Highness the Second Prince to take the seat of honor, but His Highness the Second Prince insisted: "I am here today as the future son-in-law of the Lu family, so how can I sit in the position of my future father-in-law? Please take the seat of honor, father-in-law!"

   Hearing him say "father-in-law" repeatedly, Lu Lin felt very relieved and very comfortable.

  Lu Mingfang and Zheng Zhong were sitting together, and the two brothers, Dabao and Xiaobao, were sitting on the laps of their parents. Lu Fei and Shen Lan were sitting side by side, and beside Zhou Li was the gentle and affectionate Lu Minghua.

  So, Li Jing took a seat beside Lu Mingyu logically.

  Lu Xuan looked at the pairs and was very envious: "When will I be able to marry a wife!"

  Lu Mingyue gave him a blank look with a smile: "How old are you, you are in a hurry to marry a wife? At least you have to wait five or six years!"

  Lu Xuan answered with a smile: "Yes, yes, anyway, I have to wait for the fifth sister to marry before it's my turn."

  Lu Mingyue was only twelve years old and had not yet reached the age of first love. She felt no shame with the mention of marriage, she made a funny face and said, "Just wait patiently!"

   Everyone burst into laughter.

  The family banquet of the Lu family was casual and lively. It could be seen that the family was very close and the feelings were very good.

   The girl sitting beside him was a little nervous and defensive. Unconsciously, she relaxed, the corners of her eyes and brows stretched quietly, and a smile stained her cheeks. There was light in her eyes.

  Li Jing stared at her silently, a hint of softness in his heart.

   Such a Lu Mingyu, he had almost never seen.

   He was familiar with the strong and proud Empress Lu.

   Betrayed by the man she loves, she was heartbroken but never sheds a single tear. Empress Dowager Su and Su Guifei, a pair of aunt and niece used disgusting tricks against her, but she responded with a sneer. Li Chang, who had a dark heart, tried to humiliate her with vicious means. She secretly gathered her strength and kicked Li Chang.

When she was dying of poisoning, she killed Empress Dowager Su with one sword, and then she died willingly.

   He had seen her stubborn pride, her stubbornness and coldness, and even the unknown loneliness and regret when she was alone. Only he had never seen her smiling, relaxed and happy.

  Lu Mingyu turned her head suddenly, with an unfading smile in her eyes: "What are you looking at me for?"

  Because you are so beautiful.

  Li Jing smiled and looked away.

  Under the watchful eyes of everyone, if he "speaks rudely", with Lu Mingyu's temper, nine times out of ten, she will be angry. He had already entered the door of Lu's house tonight and sat beside her.

   Compared to before, it was a big step closer.

   He was not in a hurry, he had patience and time.


   Li Jing was in a good mood, but Zheng Dabao and Zheng Xiaobao were not in a good mood. Lu Mingfang and Lu Mingyu were sitting together, and the two brothers were sitting on the lap of their father and mother. When they turned their heads, they could see Li Jing.

The two brothers looked at their future fourth uncle with serious expressions.

  Li Jing noticed these two little guys with bad eyes.

   "Are you two called Zheng Dabao and Zheng Xiaobao?" Li Jing teased the two brothers with a smile.

   Zheng Xiaobao can't speak well, but Zheng Dabao was articulate: "How do you know our names?"

  Li Jing raised his eyebrows and smiled: "I know your names, and I know that you like your fourth aunt very much. You two are not happy to see your future fourth uncle. Right?"

   Zheng Xiaobao was dazed, confused, and didn't understand at all.

   Zheng Dabao understood it, and blurted out: "Yes! I have agreed with my fourth aunt. When I grow up, I will marry my fourth aunt as my wife. The fourth aunt promised me."

  Li Jing: "..."

T/N Found this interesting tidbit about the title of this chapter

"Zhang's son-in-law" is a Chinese idiom that refers to the relationship between a father-in-law and his son-in-law. This idiom comes from a fable in the book "Yushimengyan" written by the Ming Dynasty novelist Feng Menglong.

The story tells of a wealthy merchant named Zhang who married his daughter to a poor scholar named Bao Zhao. Bao Zhao was very filial and respectful to Zhang and earned his appreciation and trust. Later, Zhang's business failed and he fell heavily into debt. Without hesitation, Bao Zhao used all his savings to help Zhang overcome his difficulties.

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