Raising My Children With My Personal Spatial Ability

Chapter 562

She ignored the pill-refining furnace and sat cross-legged at the side to cultivate.

Refining medicine required a significant amount of Original Soul energy. Hence, average medicine refiners could only refine two batches of medicinal pills per day. Given that there were usually three to seven pills per furnace, they could refine no more than 14 pills per day.

Those who worked hard would refine three furnaces of medicinal pills per day. They could not, however, refine at this rate very frequently because they could not afford to spend so much time on it.

However, it would be inaccurate to say that medicine refinement was time-consuming.

It took less than an hour to refine medicinal pills. The time required to refine a furnace of medicinal pills, particularly those of the junior and intermediate levels, was extremely short.

However, they had to recover their Original Soul energy after medicine refinement. This was the time-consuming part.

The paper-effigy young lady watched quietly from the side, pretending to be invisible. After a while, An Jiuyue opened her eyes and stood up to open the furnace.

A refreshing medicinal fragrance wafted over her as soon as she opened it.

She could not help but mutter, “It smells so good.”

She craned her neck to look inside the furnace and saw a few purple medicinal pills lying inside.

“1, 2, 3… 8, 9… There are 10 pills? What’s going on? Can a medicine refiner refine 10 pills on their first try? Or am I too lucky?”

An Jiuyue raised her eyebrows and took a porcelain bottle, ready to put the pills inside.

Although she did not know what quality they were, she was satisfied to have 10 of them. Even a junior, low-grade antidote pill could cure ordinary poisons.

Medicine refinement was a technical job. The more medicine she refined, the faster she could improve. She had plenty of time to work hard.

She put the pills in the porcelain bottle and closed it tightly. She set it aside and raised her right hand, pinching her shoulder lightly with all five fingers.

She concentrated her attention on her dantian1 and felt it carefully.

She had only been sitting cross-legged and meditating for a while when she felt her Original Soul energy replenished.

She wondered if this was a little too ridiculous.

According to the medicine refinement books, one was supposed to recover their Original Soul energy to the greatest extent possible after refining medicine. People like her, who had only recently begun cultivating, had to be extra cautious.

If she was not careful, she might go berserk and become unstable by overusing her Original Soul energy.

I haven’t even meditated much, but my Original Soul energy has recovered completely? Isn’t this a little too fast?

She mumbled to herself, “Why don’t I try refining another batch of pills? At most, I’ll stop when I run out of Original Soul energy.”

She went right to work. She quickly prepared another set of medicinal herbs and began refining the second batch. Because she had already refined it once, the second batch went smoothly at first.

In the camp, Ye Chenglin was so excited that she could not keep it together. When she returned, she did not hide her joy at all. She smiled openly, ready to assess the situation.

However, before she could enter the tent, she saw Shui Liu walking out of her brother’s tent.

Ye Chenglin hurried forward and asked, “Shui Liu, how’s my brother? Is he alright?”

“Your brother—” Shui Liu was stunned by her question.

What brother? Zhao Wei’an is the one who is injured. What does that have to do with her brother?

Does this woman want something to happen to her brother so badly? Does she think Master will let her return if something happens to her brother?


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