Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser

Chapter 1599

In the villa, it was quite difficult for Chi Shuyan to draw a Level 5 Pure Yang Talisman, mainly because she hadn’t even drawn a Level 4 talisman before, and had directly jumped to Level 5. In addition, the Level 5 Pure Yang Talisman was the hardest to draw. Chi Shuyan had been drawing all afternoon, and her success rate was only 10%. That was to say, she had only succeeded in drawing six out of 60 talismans. Even Chi Shuyan herself had to marvel at this ‘success’ rate.

When she was drawing the Pure Yang Talisman, one of her cinnabar pens was damaged. Fortunately, she had bought a few more spares before. She drew Pure Yang Talismans and some Level 5 Exorcism Talismans and Guiding Lightning Talismans. These two were much easier to draw than Pure Yang Talismans. Chi Shuyan was busy all afternoon and into the night, but only managed to draw 20 Pure Yang Talismans, and ten Exorcism Talismans and Guiding Lightning Talismans each.

Chi Shuyan got an idea. As someone who put her thoughts into action, she took out six Pure Yang Talismans, cast a spell on them, and injected a lot of spiritual energy into them.

The Pure Yang Talismans on the table hummed and immediately glowed with a golden luster as they flew up to hover in the air. For a moment, the room was lit up with a golden light. These talismans were obviously extraordinary.

It was a pity there was no way to physically verify their efficiency, so Chi Shuyan could only recall the Pure Yang Talismans. The golden light on the talismans immediately faded, and they flew back down to the table.

After that, Chi Shuyan cast a spell on five other Pure Yang Talismans one by one. After more than half of her spiritual energy was used up, Chi Shuyan took out the Spirit Gathering Pills from her Cosmos Ring. After taking two, the spiritual energy in her dantian recovered a little.

After drawing talismans all afternoon and into the night, Chi Shuyan didn’t plan to draw anymore, so she put away the cinnabar pen and yellow paper. As she did so, she looked at the extraordinary Pure Yang Talismans. Not long after, the phone on the table vibrated. Chi Shuyan subconsciously looked at the screen.

Was it Qi Zhenbai?

Wait, she had registered her marriage with this man today, right?

Chi Shuyan immediately picked up the call. She looked up and saw that it was dark outside. She had actually been busy until so late. More importantly, today was her first day of marriage. She had been so busy that she had almost forgotten about her man.

Chi Shuyan felt guilty for a moment when she picked up the man’s call. The man’s familiar voice rang out. “Come out, I’m at the door!”

Whose door?

Suddenly thinking that this man was probably at the entrance of her villa, Chi Shuyan immediately went out.

Sure enough, the tall man was at her door when she went out. He was opening the trunk of his car and taking things out. Chi Shuyan had good eyesight and could tell that the man was moving suitcases.

There were also several of them.

Chi Shuyan was a bit stumped, but she still hurriedly ran over to help.

The suitcases were a bit heavy, and Qi Zhenbai didn’t let her take them at all. Picking up a suitcase, he prepared to go inside.

“These are?”

“My luggage!”

Chi Shuyan: …

Just as Chi Shuyan was staring blankly, the man next to her spoke again. “Since we’ve registered our marriage, we’ll stay together! Separating isn’t good for husband and wife.”

Chi Shuyan really hadn’t thought much of things when she registered her marriage with this man. Hearing his words now, she realized that she hadn’t thought things through. She thought that registering their marriage was enough.

However, Chi Shuyan was still quite happy that this man was willing to take the initiative to stay with her. Although moving in with this man was fine, she couldn’t abandon Chef Li and the others.

Moreover, she realized that this man had changed a little. He used to stick to his guns, but was now more considerate of her own thoughts. Thinking this, Chi Shuyan’s heart felt even sweeter. Although the man next to her didn’t let her take the luggage, she still put her hand on the handle of the suitcase and said with a smile, “I’ll unpack your luggage for you later!”


The two pulled the suitcase inside. Chi Shuyan tilted her head to look at the man from time to time. Since this man was already her husband, it was fine to look her fill.

The more she looked at him, the better he looked. It was a good thing she and this man were now married; if he had really married some other woman one day, she might really be sad.

After all, given the man’s looks, there was a 90% chance that she wouldn’t be able to find a boyfriend.

Who knew how Father and Mother Qi had given birth to this man?

Father and Mother Qi were good-looking, but they weren’t as good-looking as Qi Zhenbai. She could only acknowledge that her man had taken the best parts from both parents. Who knew how good-looking their own children might be in the future.

When Chi Shuyan came back to her senses, she realized that she was thinking so far ahead, and was actually already thinking of their future children. No matter how broadminded and thick-skinned she was, she still felt a little embarrassed.

Fortunately, the man next to her couldn’t read her mind. Otherwise, she would have dug a hole to bury herself in.

Chi Shuyan quickly calmed down. Seeing that the man didn’t bother to make small talk, she could only say, “By the way, have you eaten dinner?”

“Not yet; have you eaten? If you haven’t, let’s eat outside later!” the man said.


After saying that, the atmosphere between the two quieted down again. At that moment, Chi Shuyan didn’t know what to say. After all, breaking up before had hurt them a lot. It was impossible for the two of them to suddenly return to their previous relationship.

Chi Shuyan simply quieted down and thought about how she would get along with this man in the future. After all, the two of them weren’t an ordinary couple now, but husband and wife. However good their feelings were now, they still had to work on their relationship.

Seeing that his wife didn’t speak, Qi Zhenbai couldn’t help but frown. The suitcase wasn’t heavy, so he simply moved his hand and took the initiative to pull the woman next to him into his arms. Smelling his wife’s familiar scent, he was very relieved, and all the uneasiness in his heart was swept away again.

Chi Shuyan, on the other hand, jumped in fright. By the time she came back to her senses, the man was already hugging her tightly. She wasn’t repulsed when she was pressed against the man’s chest, and a smile subconsciously appeared on her lips. Holding the handle of the suitcase with one hand, she took the man’s right hand that was on her shoulder with the other. She asked, “By the way, did Grandpa see our marriage certificates? How did he react?”

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