Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 1810

Qin Yu looked solemn as he stared far into the sky. ‘Boom boom boom’, there were crashing sounds as if thunder were shaking the earth. 

The clouds started rolling violently. Though it was a distance away he could still feel the immense pressure. 

Roar – 

A roar filled the sky and the world shook. From amidst the cracks, a giant beast jumped out. It was a few hundred feet large and was even more majestic than a mountain peak. It could cover a huge distance with a single step. Without stopping, the beast charged into the distance. It was headed right towards Qin Yu. 


Though he did not know what was happening, it was best if he stayed far…after all, Qin Yu was also feeling a pressure on his cultivation now. 

He was wondering how to leave this place and cross the Eternal Sea to reach the human cultivators. 

So Qin Yu did not want to get involved. These beasts in this Mutant World could do whatever they wanted and kill themselves for all he cared. Qin Yu had wanted to stay out of it, but very soon, his face changed.

Because the cloud that was rolling seemed to be headed for him. Frowning, Qin Yu hid his aura and shifted away. 


A moment later, Qin Yu suddenly stopped and turned to look at the cloud. He then looked around. There were several huge mountains that looked majestic, rising above the clouds. But now, Qin Yu was in no mood to appreciate the scenery. He was using them as location markers. 

The cloud was following him!

Woosh –

Qin Yu moved in another direction. This test confirmed what he thought. 

While he was moving, Qin Yu met with two beasts. One was a fish with eight wings flying through the sky while the other was a silver sky wolf jumping across the mountains and rivers. Their goals were undoubtedly to get as far away from the cloud as possible. 

What was going on?

Qin Yu thought of the Cosmic Seacross Bell that he had touched earlier. Could it be because of that? That’s not right. Until now, the Cosmic Seacross Bell had not made any motions. Qin Yu tried to awaken it but did not get a response. He thought about it and temporarily pushed it aside. 

He looked into the distance at the cloud that was moving fast. Taking a deep breath, he took out the Mountains and Rivers Sword. 

Pfft –

He stabbed the sword into the ground, creating a big hole, then he jumped into it. Blessing or disaster. If it was a disaster, he would not be able to avoid it, so he had no choice but to face it. Hiding underground gave him one layer of protection. If things went beyond his control and it was too difficult, he could still attempt to escape and slowly figure it out.

Back then, when the little blue lamp was speaking to him, Qin Yu had been arrogant. He was a True King and had gotten into the Incense Great Dao path. He was indeed powerful and had the right to be haughty.

But after leaving the Desolate Area and entering the Eternal Sea, Qin Yu would not be careless just because of this. The world was huge and all sorts of things could happen. For example, this Mutant World in the Eternal Sea. So what if he was a True King? He was only qualified to enter!

Having felt the pressure from the cloud, it was the best proof and he should be cautious. Entering deep into the ground, Qin Yu focused and looked up. Though there was a thick layer of earth in the way, this was nothing to Qin Yu. He could still sense everything that was happening outside. 

Rumble rumble – 

There were the loud sounds of thunder and the ground began to shake. Numerous beasts were running on the ground. 

There was suddenly a cry from within the clouds. Qin Yu’s face changed because this sound was not foreign to him. When he first entered this world with his divine sense, he had experienced it before. 

Woosh –

Flames rose into the air and scorched the cloud into nothing. It revealed the Oriental Giant Bird that was hiding within it. If the bird spread its wings, it could cover the galaxy. The bird had golden eyes that could see through everything. 

Beneath the Oriental Giant Bird was a giant purple dragon. It was extremely huge and stretched for over ten thousand miles. This giant purple dragon was also not unfamiliar to Qin Yu. Back then, he had witnessed another one getting killed. 

The golden Void Soul that helped the Cosmic Seacross Bell recognize its master came from the dead giant purple dragon. Its gigantic body was made of many Void Souls, each roughly palm-sized!

The three-headed beast looked sinister as blood dotted its chest. However, coldness and cruelty filled its eyes. 

The pangolin, whose scales had turned a faint golden color, stared at the purple dragon. Its eyes were bloodshot and every step it took caused the ground to shake. 

A jellyfish was floating in the air with its tentacles drifting along. A blue mist lingered around it and everything that the mist touched disintegrated. 

Other than that, there were over a few hundred different kinds of beasts. Each of them was at least a thousand feet and their aura was like a demonic existence. Now, there were gathered together and their chaotic and violent aura tangled up. Whatever mountains and rivers that they moved past got destroyed by their auras. Even the air could not help shaking as it broke and shattered. 

All of a sudden, the purple dragon let out a roar. It stopped and looked down excitedly. 

In the next moment, Qin Yu was startled. The Oriental Giant Bird’s golden eyes were looking coldly in his direction. Even though he was hidden deep underground, he could sense a feeling of being targeted. 

With a cry, the Oriental Giant Bird’s eyes shone with a golden light. 

Buzz – 

Everything in this world fell silent. Time and space froze. It was as if winter had come, causing everything to freeze in an instant. 

The pangolin with the golden scales let out a growl. A yellow light shone from its four limbs on the floor. The ground beneath it suddenly softened and grew heated. It turned into magma in an instant.

As Qin Yu hid underground, his thoughts of having a way out instantly disappeared. He personally witnessed how scary the beast was. Other than its astounding physique, it had all sorts of powerful Divine Ways. 

Buzz – 

A vibration could be heard from the Mountains and Rivers Sword as an invisible sword aura covered his entire body, separating him from the hot magma. Qin Yu dashed out and broke through the red magma. He appeared in front of all the beasts and got instantly locked on to.

The Oriental Giant Bird’s pupils shrank and it actually spoke in human language, “I remember you!” Its voice was like thunder as it stared at Qin Yu fiercely and excitedly, “Back then, you were the one that escaped from me and stole the golden souls!”

The beasts’ gaze grew heated as if they wanted to cook Qin Yu with their gazes! At this moment, the purple dragon suddenly roared and dashed towards Qin Yu frantically, its eyes filled with crazy delight. 

The Giant Oriental Bird seemed to think of something as it stretched out its wings. Its wings covered the entire sky, locking down the entire place. A horrifying restrictive energy fell and it was as if three mountains and five seas were brought over in an instant, putting pressure on the entire space!

Intense purple flames appeared all over the giant purple dragon’s body. Now that things had come to this, if it did not succeed, it would die. So it was going to give it its all!

The purple flames contained an unimaginable power. They could burn the suppressing force that was released from the Oriental Giant Bird and forge a path.

It was a pity that what it needed to face was not just the Oriental Giant Bird. There were also over a hundred beasts, and all of them were looking at it heatedly.


The three-headed beast roared as it clenched its fists. As it roared, a web of lightning exploded and surrounded the purple dragon, ‘crackle, crackle’, lightning and thunder crackled like giant chains locking up the purple dragon. 

Getting ensnared by the chains was just the beginning. The deep blue jellyfish started to tremble in the air and was able to disregard the restriction from the Oriental Giant Bird as it appeared above the purple dragon. Snowflakes fell in the deep blue glow around the jellyfish. Every snowflake extinguished a small flame and slowly all the flames around the purple dragon disappeared. 

Eight spiders spat out a large white web. They were not afraid of the flames as they crawled over the sea of fire and landed on the purple dragon. There was the sizzling sound of burning flesh as the white web corroded the Void Souls on the surface and entered the body of the purple dragon. 

The beasts started to move to block the purple dragon. At this moment, the Oriental Giant Bird looked at Qin Yu and flapped its wings. The space Qin Yu was in suddenly cracked and immense energy gathered and collapsed in it. Like a huge mouth, it swallowed the entire space. 

Boom –

A horrifying sword aura burst forth and gathered into a majestic sword aura that reached to the skies. It cut through the darkness and Qin Yu walked out from it. He looked extremely solemn and did not appear relaxed at all. It was not just because of the immense powers of the Oriental Giant Bird but also because of the scary beasts. Each of them was at the King realm and possessed terrifying powers. 

It was unbelievable!

One man, one sword. Of course, Qin Yu knew clearly that no matter how confident he was, unless he broke through and cultivated Incense Great Dao, he would die. As for escaping…looking at the gigantic wings of the Oriental Giant Bird, Qin Yu instantly gave up that thought. 

Roar –


Roar – 

Theft is never good, try looking at

The purple dragon roared and struggled relentlessly. It kept moving nearer to Qin Yu, looking anxious. It was indeed powerful. It was able to struggle despite being suppressed by the Oriental Giant Bird and the other beasts. 

Qin Yu looked up and the eyes of the purple dragon met him. In the moment their gazes met, the Cosmic Seacross Bell started to ring in his soul space. 

Ding dong – 

Ding dong –

This time there was actually sound. Though it was extremely soft and it was nothing when compared to these terrifying beasts, when it rang, the Oriental Giant Bird and the beasts instantly looked to be in pain and shock filled their eyes. It was as if they saw something horrifying.

Roar – 

Roar – 

The purple dragon struggled even more and the purple flames around its body grew even more violent!

Qin Yu could sense delight, excitement, anger, indignance and despair in the dragon’s eyes…its emotions tangled but none of it was targeted at Qin Yu. 

Help it!

Qin Yu made a decision. He lifted his Mountains and Rivers Sword and it vibrated. It sensed Qin Yu’s intentions and knew the situation it was in. 

Swoosh – 

He slashed out!

His sword was angled at the purple dragon, but before it could touch it, there was a frightening collision. When the Mountains and Rivers Sword hit the restrictive pressure that was surrounding the dragon, it was cut open and a path formed!

The purple dragon roared and escaped the imprisonment. Its giant tail lashed out and caused a terrifying power to vibrate around the space. 

The Oriental Giant Bird let out an angry cry as it flapped its wings to stabilize itself. The other beasts were also forced back. 

The purple dragon had never released such a strong power before. This increase in power also caused it to get hurt. 

But it was this that showed the dragon’s determination. The Oriental Giant Bird tried to suppress it once more, but it was too late. Compared to the huge giant purple dragon, Qin Yu was like an ant. 

When the two met, they did not make any sound nor was there any release of power. But the moment they touched, the dragon disappeared like a shadow. 

That’s right, it disappeared. As if it had never existed!

The Cosmic Seacross Bell that had been silent in Qin Yu’s soul space for many years suddenly glowed. A tiny purple dragon appeared on the surface of the damaged bell and swam continuously. 

Following this, the Cosmic Seacross Bell started to repair itself. This was a good thing, but Qin Yu was in no mood to concentrate on this and he withdrew his divine sense. 

Swish –

There was the sound of his sword as Qin Yu jumped on his Mountains and Rivers Sword and turned to leave. 

Nonsense. Now that the purple dragon was gone even a fool would know that he was involved. Now, all the hateful glares from the beasts were directed at him. They could not wait to tear him apart. Was he not going to run and would instead stay to get bitten?

“Kill him!”

The Oriental Giant Bird shouted angrily. The purple dragon had escaped beneath its very eyes. But this was not important – what was important was that there was a bell sound from Qin Yu. Some ancient memories buried deep in its blood started to float to the surface. It felt an intense fear. 

So Qin Yu had to die, he could not live!

Boom –

The Oriental Dragon Bird flapped its wings and its massive body disappeared. It started to chase after Qin Yu. 

Pfft –

Pfft –

Thousands of horrifying wind blades were aimed at him!

Qin Yu’s pupils shrank as he clenched his fist. A small world appeared. At the same time, his body fell like a stone. 

Bom – 

Bom –

Every sound was from a wind blade hitting the small world. The Mountains and Rivers Sword in Qin Yu’s hand vibrated constantly. 

Boom – 

He fell and sank deep underground. 

The Oriental Giant Bird was too powerful and its speed was horrifying. If they flew in the air, Qin Yu would never be able to escape. But in the ground…hmm, the probability of him escaping was not great, but at least he would be able to buy some time. 

The Cosmic Seacross Bell was repairing!

The extreme reaction from the Oriental Giant Bird also seemed to prove that Qin Yu would not need to fight the horrifying beasts from this Mutant World alone. He just needed to last a while longer and he would have a clearer outcome. 

A frustrated cry could be heard from above. It was the Oriental Giant Bird. It had not lost track of Qin Yu’s position. It flipped in the sky and numerous feathers shot out of it and hit the ground, creating huge and scary holes. 

At the same time, an energy descended that caused everything to become still. Qin Yu became an unmovable live target. 

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