Shadowless Night

Chapter 107

Ricardis hesitated and took a step closer to her. He was so close that a third person couldn’t step between them if they dared to try. Rosaline raised her gaze upward and looked at Ricardis. Her eyes fluttered slightly in embarrassment, but she never turned away, instead choosing to blink rapidly.

The inside of Ricardis’ chest tickled as Rosaline accepted this distance without any doubts or nervousness about boundaries. Ricardis bowed his head slightly. His flowing hair touched her face. Ba-bump. Ba-bump. Rosaline’s body stiffened as the sensations from the surface of her face tingled down to her fingertips.

Ricardis’ large hands covered Rosaline’s ears, chin, and neck. His long fingers ran through her hair and brushed the skin of her neck. The parts he touched seemed to wake up and become so sensitive. Rosaline closed her eyes as his face drew closer. She soon felt a soft touch on her forehead. Behind them, Isserion covered his eyes.

“This is my protection.”

Warm energy flooded through her, and Ricardis stroked her soft cheeks with his thumbs.

“So you must win.”

It was like a blanket newly dried in the sun had fallen over her. Rosaline, who had crossed the border of a hazy dream, opened her eyes to a sweet smell.

Ricardis’ beauty was so shocking that she hadn’t noticed the other sensations. As she closed her eyes again, a scent like honey flowed into her nose like an exquisite dessert was nearby. The sweet smell of perfume blended with his body odor, awakening her instincts.

Rosaline sniffed and further closed the distance between them. The closer she got to his neck, the stronger the scent.

Ricardis, who had been fiddling with her face, flinched. 

Rosaline got closer and closer. As she diligently sniffed him, she lifted her head. 

Ricardis was once again horrified. 

As she lifted her head, her nose lightly brushed Ricardis’ chin.

“Your Highness…”

Their eyes met. Ricardis read the desire in Rosaline’s gaze.

“Smells delicious.”

Ricardis’ face turned red. W-What’s with this atmosphere? It’s not bad, but… He staggered backward. But his meaningless defiance quickly ended as his back hit a wall.


Rosaline’s eyes narrowed languidly. She pressed her hand against the wall beside Ricardis’ waist.


Ricardis wanted to scream. No, you woman! Why are you so handsome and powerful… His heart started beating fast.

“Sir Rosaline of the Knights of the White Night? Where are you?”

Just then, someone who managed the matches found her. And so, the bizarre confrontation between a wild beast and its strange prey that wanted to be eaten by the beast ended in such a way.

Rosaline went down on one knee. Confidence filled her eyes as she looked up at Ricardis.

“I will come and win. Everything is for you.”

Oh, come to think of it. We were talking about that. Ricardis, frozen, suddenly came to his senses and saw Rosaline off. 

Isserion wiped his tears from behind with a handkerchief.

Our poor Highness… You’re walking on a thorny path…


The qualifiers had ended two days ago, so the only people gathered in the waiting room were the first batch of the continent’s talents. Bolstered by their one victory, the men’s attitudes were rough and wild. They went around bumping shoulders or entering fights as soon as their eyes met. But even as a fierce atmosphere began to form, Rosaline only carefully inspected her sword.

“Please prepare for the 32nd match Sir Rosaline Radwiell.”

Everyone looked at her as she stood up. Rosaline indifferently shook off their gaze and left the waiting room.

The martial arts competition was where men could see their heroes, and women could say a word to that certain handsome knight they dreamed of at night. The competition’s popularity was off the charts every year, but their zeal was even wilder this year. The number of tickets merchants sold increased fivefold.

Rosaline Radwiell! Rosaline of the Knights of the White Night! The girl from the rumors! The magic user of Illavenia! It was an opportunity to see her, whom they had only imagined, with their own eyes. It would be something to be proud of for thirty years or even a lifetime.

The only ones burdened by Rosaline’s participation were the administrators in charge of the competition and the crowds.

Rosaline had secured him a good seat in advance so Calyx could move slowly. 

A carriage arrived in front of the competition hall. A servant ran over and opened the carriage’s door, and he was startled to see the man in the ordinary carriage with no engraved crests. Black hair, green eyes! He was a Radwiell!

“Oh! Oh, my apologies. W-Where are you coming from?”

You know where I’m coming from, but you’re still asking. But the servant was only doing his job; Calyx shouldn’t be harsh. Calyx spoke, handing over the ticket.


“I’ll show you to your seat!”

“No need.”

The man, who tried to show kindness with an excited look, looked like the sky had fallen when Calyx rejected his offer. 

Calyx had a gut feeling that the man’s attitude was not personally because of him but because of the man’s interest in his sister, Rosaline.

Glancing toward the entrance for the commoners, a middle-aged man was holding a piece of rectangular cloth that read [Please take care of my entire fortune, Rosaline!].


Well, she was very popular. Even if it was the support of those who had a wayward dream of making money, it was reassuring that her reputation was not bad.

“2-7… 2-7…”

As Calyx climbed the stairs, looking for the seat on the ticket, he stopped momentarily. A familiar woman was sitting next to his assigned seat. She had dark blue hair and silver eyes, with a gentle face and small stature, marking her as the eldest daughter of Viscount Golgarten, Chloe.

Chloe felt a presence, turned her head, and raised one eyebrow. Rather than surprised, she had a criticizing look as if asking why he had come.

“Lady Chloe. I hope all is well?”

“All thanks to you. I think you’d better sit down, Young Lord Calyx. The person behind you is waiting.”

“Oh, my. Forgive my rudeness, my lady.”

A woman, who hesitated, blushed at Calyx’s apology. She clasped her hands tightly and courageously tried to talk to him, but Calyx had already sat down. The woman walked away with regret.

Calyx sat down and looked around. He thought if Chloe were here, he would see Raymond too. The knights of the Cimmaron were visible, but he couldn’t catch a glimpse of that guy.

“Raymond is very busy these days. Even though it’s a festival that repeats yearly, he can’t seem to get used to the hustle and bustle.

“It’s a time when many people flock to the capital.”

The conversation between the two was interrupted for a moment. Was the match soon about to start? Soldiers who helped smooth the tournament’s progress had come out and settled into their positions. People intoxicated by the festive atmosphere continued to chatter loudly. Calyx opened his mouth as he played with his finger, spinning the ring of the Radwiell family.

“If you are going to say that this meeting is a coincidence…”

When he peeked to the other side, Chloe burst out laughing.

“No, it isn’t.”

“What can I do for you?”

“Just because I know Sir Rosaline well doesn’t mean I know her brother. I wanted to meet you.”

The famous Mercenary King and a senior knight of the 2nd Imperial Order, Foret Knights, entered the arena. The bell rang three times, and the competition began. The clash between the abnormal mercenary swordsmanship and the direct, destructive imperial traditional swordsmanship was interesting. Chloe also exclaimed in excitement as she watched. Calyx, who observed the two men duel with sharp eyes, spoke. 

“The skill of this year’s participants is high. Certainly worth watching.”

Chloe read the fighting spirit contained in the young man’s words. What else can you expect from men? She hid the rising arc of her lips behind her fan.

“One gold coin on the Mercenary King.”

At Chloe’s words, Calyx’s face went serious.

“I will root for the Foret knight.”

Both of them silently watched for some time. The Mercenary King, who had lagged for a while, suddenly changed his momentum and swung his weapon like crazy. The ferocious blows continued, and the senior knight of Foret dropped his sword. It was a victory for the Mercenary King. 


The people shouted and chanted his name.

“Winner, Mercenary King Fayden! Fayden!”

Chloe held out her hand without looking at him. Calyx continued looking into the arena, rummaged through his pockets, and placed a gold coin in her palm.

“Wasn’t it obvious that the Imperial knight had a higher chance of winning?”

“Really? I’ve met that Mercenary King Fayden a few times. He did well following my instructions to pretend to struggle at the beginning of the match.”


“Don’t look at me like that. Wouldn’t the ploy be useless if Fayden had a strong opponent? The swordsmanship technique of your opponent and their strengths and weaknesses can be known, but their true measure of strength is not something that one can describe with numbers and letters. It’s the same with gambling.”

At Calyx’s persistent gaze, Chloe spread her fan and gently covered her face.

“Of course, I knew that Fayden was stronger than that senior knight.”

Oh, you knew… 

Chloe smiled at Calyx’s sulky face. His expression was similar to Rosaline’s.

“Next is the battle between a knight from Ironhoff County and a Spindrift knight. The Spindrift knight will win.”

“At this point, you’re like a fortune teller.”

Fayden and the loser went offstage, and two people entered. The host shouted their names out loud.

“From the Ironhoff County—the faithful knight, Sir Willos! From the 4th Imperial Order Spindrift Knights— the lesser knight, Sir Finn!”

The result was as she had said.

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