SPELLCRAFT: Reincarnation Of A Magic Scholar

Chapter 713

“Where am I?”

Serah Crimson found herself in a strange location, all alone and not sensing anyone around her.

Her crimson hair danced slowly as she began to walk around—refusing to stay idle for any reason at all. Finding herself in a strange region, surrounded by white sands and recognizing nothing, Serah realized that she needed to be on the move.

‘Where did everyone go? Was this caused by the enemy?’ She suspected something similar could have happened to Neron.

If the enemy was capable of interfering with their teleportation, then it only followed—or at least, it was possible—that Neron could have been caught off-guard the same way.

‘But, even in Timeless World?’

Ultimately, though, Serah knew that simply asking questions would get her nowhere. As such, she needed to investigate the area.

Her heart was pounding in both fear and worry. The plan was going wrong before it even started. However, she refused to give in. She had to rejoin the group, but there was something more that weighed heavily on her mind.

Something she resolved to do no matter what.

‘Neron… I’ll find you no matter what!’




Serah considered following Jared’s initial plan of a stealthy advance, but after realizing that the enemy probably knew their position—since they were most likely responsible for their sudden division—Serah decided to resort to more drastic measures.


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