Star Odyssey

Chapter 1956

The newly designed universal armors would also have four attacks stored in a microarray, each at the Enlighter level, and the protection of the white smoke. With this, even a Limiteer would be able to move around in outer space and have a chance to take down Enlighters. It would be just like when Lu Yin had once killed Enlighters with his Enhanced gun.

However, the numbers were just too low. 130 armors would only be able to equip 130 people, which was too few to actually be effective.

However, there was still Long Xi and the others.


Director Zhi went to check on the production of microarrays, but before the man left, Lu Yin suggested that it would be best to not target Wan Gong or make things difficult for the man.

Director Zhi reassured Lu Yin that, even if he wanted to make things difficult for the researcher, it would be a challenge. It turned out that Wan Gong was the only person who could produce a successful microarray except. Not even the chief engineer, Biao Zi, was able to produce them, as Wan Gong had not yet shared the process with anyone at all.

Lu Yin felt relieved at this news.

Wan Gong was no fool. On the contrary, he was a brilliant researcher who had escaped from the Hidden Earth Society and had tried to erase all traces of his past. He had known that his treachery would be exposed the moment the microarray technology was successfully developed.

After returning to his quarters, Lu Yin took out Zenith Mountain and entered it to meet with Long Xi.

Long Xi and the others had already been trapped here for several years, and they had long since become accustomed to their situation. No one was surprised by Lu Yin’s visits any more.

Lu Yin felt apologetic every time he saw Long Xi, or rather, he felt nervous. He had deceived the woman, but she had taught and cared for him during that time. More importantly, Long Xi seemed to have been around during the Seven Heroes’ era, and she had even had a crush on Lu Xiaoxun. In fact, it seemed that she still had feelings for Lu Xiaoxun, and thus Lu Yin felt rather uncomfortable whenever he spoke with Long Xi. Even now, he still did not have the courage to reveal himself to her.

"How have you been doing recently? Have you had any breakthroughs in your cultivation?" Lu Yin asked.

Long Xi calmly looked back at Lu Yin. "What's wrong? Just tell me."

Lu Yin pursed his lips. "Well, I’ve heard that there’s a certain type of white paper in the Perennial World that has rather special properties. Do you have any?"

Long Xi waved a hand, and an entire stack of the large sheets of paper appeared on the ground. Lu Yin's eyes lit up. There had to be hundreds of sheets here, which was wonderful. "Is this everything that you have?"

Long Xi gave Lu Yin an odd look. "This paper isn’t particularly useful, and I just keep a bit on me for emergencies. Do you want a bunch of it?"

Lu Yin nodded.

"That’s all I have," Long Xi casually replied.

Lu Yin was rendered speechless by her reaction, so he turned around and moved to leave.

"Wait," Long Xi called out. Lu Yin turned back around to face her.

She stared at him for a bit. "Your aura’s changed. Did you manage to break through and become an Envoy?"

Lu Yin lifted his head, feeling a bit proud of himself. "That's right."

While he normally had no desire to show off to anyone, for some reason, he always wanted to leave Long Xi with a good impression.

She just stared at Lu Yin. "You were already able to fight against Envoys before, so how powerful of an opponent can you fight against now?"

Lu Yin smiled. "I can defeat four or even five-tribulation Envoys."

Long Xi frowned. "Just leave."

You don’t believe me? Lu Yin arched a brow. "I’m really not lying! Even if I had to face your father, Long Ke might not be able to beat me."

Long Xi's expression finally changed at the mention of Long Ke. She would probably never see her father again in her life!

This thought shattered Long Xi's calm state of mind, and she glared at Lu Yin with open anger.

Lu Yin was momentarily stunned by her sudden change in mood, but then he forced out a smile. "Well, um, keep doing whatever you’re doing. I'm leaving."

With that, he fled. Lu Yin found it odd that he panicked whenever Long Xi became angry. Was this because of his time spent as Long Qi, or was it something from his previous life?

Besides Long Xi, Wen Yi, Crown Prince Gui Qian, Yun Tingting, and Liu Hao were also held captive on Zenith Mountain.

After visiting everyone, Lu Yin managed to gather more than 400 sheets of paper, and while that was not much, it was at least something. After all, he had managed to get more than 200 sheets of paper from Bai Shaohuang alone, which made Lu Yin’s current harvest a bit pitiful.

If he had known that he would eventually need them, he would have frantically stored up as many paper sheets as possible while he was still in the Perennial World, to the point where he would have forced the price of the paper to spike sky-high.

The 400-plus sheets of paper were delivered to Director Zhi, who was then asked to provide an additional eighty new universal armors for a total of 210. This was still not very many, but it was much better.

Actually, there was also Liu Ye and Fei Hua.

Lu Yin eagerly reached out to Liu Ye.

At this time, there were two people on a planet rather close to the Ross Empire’s mobile fortress. Liu Ye and Fei Hua were sitting in a rotating restaurant that was surrounded on all sides by an endless sea.

This revolving restaurant was the most exclusive establishment on the entire planet.

"Have you thought it through yet? Let’s find Lu Yin again, though it won’t be easy to get away from him again. Given the number of powerhouses that fought in that war in the Outerverse, we probably don’t even qualify to rank among the top three in the Great Eastern Alliance," Fei Hua commented as she sipped her drink.

Across from her, Liu Ye was staring out at the sea with complicated emotions flickering through his eyes.

It was not that he wanted to go to Lu Yin again, but rather that he felt destined to do so.

During the couple’s time on the Astral River Ark, Fei Hua claimed that Liu Ye had brought up Lu Yin, repeatedly praised the youth, and even threatened to follow him. Liu Ye had absolutely no memory of the event, but it seemed to be true.

Just thinking about that situation sent chills running across Liu Ye’s entire body, as he simply could not understand what had happened. The man had absolutely no memory of the entire conversation, and it was as though he had been a completely different person at the time.

Many times, Fei Hua had asked him about the conversation, but Liu Ye was only able to try to brush her questions off by saying that he did not remember the matter.

He was not even lying, as he truly could not remember the incident at all.

Ever since then, Liu Ye had felt as though he was losing his mind, and he had replayed everything that Fei Hua had told him about that missing conversation about Lu Yin. What could have happened at that moment to have caused such a huge change in him? What had been controlling his body? The more Liu Ye thought about the matter, the more terrifying and mysterious he found it to be.

In the end, he had decided to throw his lot in with Lu Yin, just as he had said during that missing conversation. This was not because of the future, nor for the possibility of returning to the Perennial World, but rather simply to uncover the truth of what had happened.

Liu Ye was certain that the only way to find out the truth about what had happened to him was to get closer to Lu Yin.

"Did you hear me?" Fei Hua became frustrated at the lack of response, and she raised her voice, which caused many people to turn and look at the couple.

Liu Ye was startled by his partner’s comment. "What was that?"

Fei Hua snorted and turned to stare out at the sea. "Just do whatever you want."

At this moment, a gadget beeped.

Both of the Envoys looked down at the same time. "Lu Yin?"

They glanced up at each other and saw the astonishment in the other's eyes.

They had not heard anything at all from Lu Yin after parting ways with him, so why was he calling them now?

Fei Hua merely felt puzzled by the call, but Liu Ye felt chills run down his back. He was once again reminded of that strange incident, and sweat beaded on his forehead and started dripping down.

"What's wrong? Answer the call!" Fei Hua urged. Regardless of whether or not they decided to follow Lu Yin, she did not want to offend him. The Great Eastern Alliance was a monster that defied belief, and the two of them had a better understanding of the alliance’s strength than most people in the Fifth Mainland, which made it even more intimidating.

It can be hard to make great work when its stolen from

This was also not even considering the fact that Lu Yin’s chances of eventually becoming a Progenitor were as high as 99%. It was critical to not offend such a person if at all possible.

Truthfully, Fei Hua simply wanted to be free. She would be happy to live in isolation.

Liu Ye took a deep breath and answered the call. "Alliance Leader Lu."

Lu Yin instantly replied, "Liu Ye, I'm really sorry to bother you."

Liu Ye forced a smile onto his face. "You don’t need to worry about that, Alliance Leader Lu. What seems to be the problem?"

"I wanted to ask if you had any sheets of the white paper left."

Liu Ye found this request unexpected, and he glanced over at Fei Hua. "Paper?"

"That’s right, I need that special paper, and the more the better. I’ll happily buy all that you have.”

Liu Ye felt confused. He could not understand why Lu Yin wanted these sheets of paper, as most people in the Forsaken Land traveled around in spaceships, which were actually much more comfortable. However, Lu Yin's strength meant that he could simply fly through outer space with his own strength. He did not need the paper or a spacecraft. “Yes, I have some. How much do you need?"

"The more the better." Lu Yin was pleasantly surprised to learn he could get more paper.

Liu Ye replied, "I have more than 300 sheets with me."

He looked up at Sister Fei Hua as he spoke, and she said, "I have a bit more than 200."

"Alliance Leader Lu, combined, we have more than 500 sheets on us."

"That’s great!" Lu Yin was overjoyed. "Where are you? I’ll send someone to get it from you right away."

"Where are you, Alliance Leader Lu? We’ll deliver the paper to you ourselves."

Within Aurora Fortress, Lu Yin was stunned. "You’ll deliver it to me yourselves?"

Liu Ye continued, saying, "There’s something that I would like to speak with you about."

"That would be great. I’m in the Neoverse at Aurora Fortress."

"Alright. We’ll rush over as soon as possible. We’ll see you at Aurora Fortress, Alliance Leader Lu." With that, Liu Ye ended the call.

Lu Yin could not help but wonder why Liu Ye was being so enthusiastic. Personally delivering? This was completely different from how the man had been so eager to escape from Lu Yin in the past. Could this have something to do with when Lu Yin had Possessed Liu Ye’s body? Did the man really want to throw his lot in with Lu Yin?

However, Lu Yin thought that this was ridiculous after considering it for just a moment. His Possession ability only allowed him to access a person’s memories and manipulate their body for a short while. Lu Yin had absolutely no way to alter a person’s very thoughts. Liu Ye and Fei Hua had wanted to stay as far away from Lu Yin as possible, so why were they so eager to see him now?

Since he needed to stay at Aurora Fortress to wait for the new universal armors to be developed and manufactured as well as receive Liu Ye, Lu Yin estimated that he had at least a month to himself. In that case, it was time to roll his die again and Enhance something.

He had greatly benefited from his trip to the Seven Courts, and he had picked up a great deal of resources and a number of valuable treasures. It would be a pity not to Enhance as much as possible.

After having the Second Nightking stand guard, Lu Yin stated that he would be going into seclusion. This news left the Second Nightking disgusted. After all, when others went into seclusion, even Explorers would train for at least a few years. But Lu Yin usually spent just a few days in isolation at most. How did he have the face to call that seclusion?

Lu Yin's secluded training sessions had already become a topic of great interest within the Great Eastern Alliance.

Lu Yin looked up as he brought out his die, and it slowly spun in front of him. Lu Yin tapped it, unconcerned with whether he rolled a six or a four. He would leave it up to fate.

The die slowly came to a stop on four pips, and the scenery changed before Lu Yin’s eyes as he entered the Timestop Space.

In this place, it was just a matter of time before he rolled Enhance.

Once, twice, three times. It took three attempts for Lu Yin to roll three pips.

When he saw the two screens of light appear, the first thing that Lu Yin intended to Enhance was the needle that had supposedly killed a Semi-Progenitor.

Lu Yin had run out of appropriate weapons with his newly improved strength, and he desperately needed something powerful enough for him to wield.

After setting the needle on the upper screen, Lu Yin immediately threw out 100 million star essence. The needle dropped down a tiny bit. The movement was so small that it was practically undetectable.

Lu Yin blinked. Given what he was seeing, it cost hundreds of billions of star essence to fully upgrade this needle. Why so much?

Lu Yin quickly put the weapon away, as he did not have the necessary funds to fully Enhance it.

He had just picked up another item that would cost an impossible sum to Enhance. He already had Zenith Mountain, the froststone, and the formcast model that were too expensive to improve any further. Now, there was also the needle.

Given that it was too expensive to Enhance the needle, Lu Yin next pulled out the Withered Bark that the Ku family had given him. This particular Withered Bark supposedly contained the power of time, so it definitely would not be cheap to Enhance the power vessel.

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