The Beloved Imperial Consort

Chapter 157

Chapter 157: Hope


Mu  Xi Yao won the Zhuangzi that she’d been coveting for a long time, but she returned to Danruo Courtyard with a look of sorrow. After Zhong Zheng Lin settled the person down, he turned around and went to Chanrou Courtyard.

“Pack up, we will be leaving the mansion.” 

He Lian Min Min was dressed like a lady from an ordinary family, and although she didn’t look like a Princess Consort, she still looked very elegant. Seeing that she was ready, Zhong Zheng Lin asked Tian Fu Shan to arrange the carriage.

The two sat at the mahogany Eight Immortals table, holding teacups and quietly waiting. He Lian Min Min still remembered their conversation from before. Thinking that His Sixth Highness was willing to keep her, a possibly useless woman, occupying such an honorable position in the Mansion, she was grateful but didn’t know how to express it.

He Lian Min Min couldn't figure out why His Highness was particularly resolute in this matter. After all, if she want to talk about the relationship between husband and wife, she couldn’t even lie to herself. Usually, His Highness’ attitude was only respectful, and there was almost no intimacy. But when this incident happened, even when the He Lian family had made up their minds to abandon her, only His Highness was willing to protect her. No matter what the motive was, He Lian Min Min appreciated this kindness. Even if His Highness asked her to take care of that woman in Danruo Garden when necessary, she would not refuse and in fact, this matter would do her more good than harm.

Let’s say she was “being comprehensive” [1], but to put it more clearly, it was a cover-up for the sole favor Mu-shi will enjoy in Prince’s Residence. If she helped with a few small words, the reputation she gained not only made the “wife and concubine are harmonious” image but also showed that she managed the Mansion properly; it also let people know that His Royal Highness’ affection for her as a Consort was still there.

Thinking of getting definite news today and finding out what was going on with her body, it was difficult for He Lian Min Min to keep calm. If the truth could be found out, the person who harmed her must have left clues.

“Let’s go.” Seeing Ye Kai driving over, Zhong Zheng Lin got up first, looked at the carriage carefully, and when he was satisfied, he helped He Lian-shi into the carriage, then he opened the curtain and followed.

“Ye Kai, Red House.”

He Lian Min Min was about make more place for Zhong Zheng Lin but when she heard his orders, she looked up in shock, with a look of disbelief.

Red House? He Lian Min Min looked a little unnatural.

How could His Highness go to a brothel known to everyone in Shengjing? And bring her, the Princess Consort, with him. He Lian Min Min resisted such an undignified thing.

“The person who will treat you lives in the Red House.” Seeing that He Lian-shi’s face changed awkwardly, Zhong Zheng Lin explained just barely.

He Lian-shi’s reaction was just like a young lady brought up by a good noble family. Compared with Mu Xi Yao’s eyes sparkling when she heard about the Red House, Zhong Zheng Lin really didn’t know how to explain her excitement, her family was not vulgar. Her mother, Lady Yu, was a woman who followed the rules and Sir Mu was even more of a gentleman, with strict principles. How could it be possible to raise Mu  Xi Yao, an unruly and sly girl?

Zhong Zheng Lin pondered over the strangeness of the little woman with great interest, but He Lian Min Min felt a little embarrassed as if she had been pardoned.

How could she think so badly of His Highness? His Highness was already rare among the princes, he was upright and self-disciplined, and he was really not the kind of person who seeks pleasure. Otherwise, it would not be Mu-shi’s turn to be solely favored, and their Mansion would be a different scene. To begin with, the female singer who was common in ordinary families was not seen in the Sixth Prince’s residence. Because of this, it was so easy for a family to send two dancers, but in the end, they were beaten up by Mu  Xi Yao and lost their lives.

The two of them were thinking about their own thoughts along the way, and there was no half-word conversation in the carriage. Ye Kai who was driving in front suddenly felt that he was not used to this.

The frame that had been prepared earlier was temporarily swapped by His Royal Highness. Even the original delicate layout was not allowed to stay, instead, another set with an ordinary style was prepared.

Ye Kai couldn’t figure it out at first, why was such a delicate and comfortable arrangement left behind? Later, Wei Zhen made a point, this time His Highness was out of the mansion with the Princess Consort, not with Mistress Yao. In the carriage, there was an object that His Highness was not allowed to touch. Mistress Yao had a weird temperament. If someone touched something she liked, she will lose her temper. His Highness spoiled her so much that he obeyed everything Mistress Yao said. Now, when going out with the Princess Consort, His Highness had to take care of that temper even when he left the mansion, thus he had to make some arrangements.

Now that the carriage was changed, without the usual upholstery, Ye Kai suddenly felt fidgety. Also, wasn’t it a little too quiet in the back? Why was there no sound since His Highness got into the carriage? Every time His Highness and Mistress Yao were together inside, how can there be quiet time? It’s not that Ye Kai has never seen some scenes that would make outsiders blush.

Being so quiet now, which should be the most appropriate and normal etiquette of a noble family, somehow made him a little worried. Could it be that the Consort angered His Highness, so he was reluctant to speak?

The situation in the carriage was not as bad as Ye Kai thought. He Lian Min Min didn’t find it uncomfortable. Seeing that Zhong Zheng Lin didn’t want to speak, she just sat aside obediently and refilled him with some tea at the right time, so as not to be useless. In addition, this matter hasn’t been settled, if she talked or did too much it would show her eagerness.


In a wing room of the inner courtyard of the Red House, a woman with a light veil covering her face saw Zhong Zheng Lin leading someone in. She spoke to them respectfully, “This is the Princess Consort? Greetings.”

They were sitting so close, the woman’s exquisite figure couldn’t be hidden and the voice that fell into her ears was the words of swallows and the singing of orioles [2].  If it wasn’t for the veil covering her face making her unable to see her real face, He Lian Min Min would have thought that another fairy like Mu  Xi Yao had appeared in the world.

“Auntie doesn’t have to be polite. His Highness respects his aunt. He Lian-shi will follow His Highness.” Just listening to her voice, this Yu Gu looked like a seventeen or eighteen-year-old girl, she didn’t match the title of aunt.

She was curious but didn’t dare to show it on her face. These people were eccentric and used strange methods to maintain their appearance, and wasn’t this Yu Gu’s forte? Since people were hiding their faces, why bother to offend them recklessly? 

According to His Highness, in the entire Shengjing, no one could beat the woman in front of him in terms of fragrance and medicine. Whether she could achieve her unspeakable hope was in the hands of this woman.

(Bambi: Guessing getting pregnant from His Highness and securing her seat.)

“Princess Consort, please put your hands in the water, soak them entirely.” The servant girl standing behind Yu Gu brought a wooden basin with an unidentifiable material and placed it in front of He Lian Min Min.

Looking at the clear water in the basin, which was no different from the usual ones, He Lian Min Min was a little nervous, but she still rolled up her sleeves. Gently putting her hands into the basin, her fingertips just touched the surface of the water, and she instantly felt the unusually cold breath quickly spreading up along her fingers.

“Ah!” He Lian Min Min cried in shock. This feeling was too strange, although it was cool and refreshing, it has a slight tingling and itching.

Zhong Zheng Lin frowned but did not make a sound to interfere with Yu Gu's consultation.

(ZZL: Side eye, bombastic side eye! // B: *wheezing*)

“Princess Consort, don't be alarmed, this water has medicinal powder, and it won’t do any harm to the body. It’s just that I need to borrow the power of medicine to diagnose the pulse of the Princess Consort,” Yu Gu spoke very kindly, comforting He Lian Min Min who was caught off guard.

“Oh, qie was being rude.” He Lian Min Min slowly put her hand into the water again until it was completely submerged, and then she heard Yu Gu say, “Princess Consort, sit down for a while. The effect of the medicine will take a stick of incense to work.”

Yu Gu was speaking to He Lian Min Min, but looking at Zhong Zheng Lin. Zhong Zheng Lin expressed his understanding with a hum, and after a moment of silence, he asked a question that made Aunt Yu Gu puzzled.

“Do you have a prescription to relieve the pain of childbirth?”

He Lian Min Min’s fingertips that were not underwater trembled slightly. She knew exactly who he asking this for, and it was not her. His Highness really held Mu  Xi Yao dearly. Ever since the conversation between the two of them happened, His Highness no longer had any scruples, and couldn’t wait to get a prescription for the pregnant Mu-shi even when he was in front of her.

Yu Gu didn’t know much about the affairs of Zhong Zheng Lin’s house, so she felt that this question was really bizarre. Could it be that His Highness was asking this for someone very important?

“Dare to ask if this person is Mu cefei?” Although it would be inappropriate to ask so bluntly in front of He Lian-shi, since Zhong Zheng Lin spoke, there should be no problem.

Sure enough, Zhong Zheng Lin didn’t feel anything was wrong. “Of course. Mu-shi will give birth next month. She is more delicate and can’t bear the pain. The last time she gave birth was a toss.” Facing Yu Gu, Zhong Zheng Lin did not hide Mu  Xi Yao’s embarrassing feats.

Yu Gu was a little startled when she first heard this, and it took her a long time to be sure that His Highness was not joking, then her face showed some understanding.

“Medicine is not really suitable for young children. If cefei can bear it, it is better not to use it, but if the pain is really severe, there are still some mild supplements for the body, which should be of some help.” 

She knew His Highness for so many years, yet only today she found know that this cold-faced man also had his tender moments.

She thought that the outside rumors were all exaggerations, and never actually thought that Mu-shi had such a good ability on taming this hard-hearted Sixth Highness. Aunt Yu shook her head secretly, this man was so tough, it would not be an overstatement to say that he was heartless.

“Is that so, then I’ll trouble Yu Gu.” Zhong Zheng Lin really surprised himself today. He said, how could a woman not give birth without pain? He was really muddled from being pestered by Mu  Xi Yao. Zhong Zheng Lin laughed at himself.

(Bambi: I sometimes forget the reputation of ice man ZZL has, he is so goofy with MXY though. Only a cunning woman could make a sly man fall~ Also, poor MXY, she really thought YG has anesthesia).



Looking at the water clock [3], Yu Gu asked a maid to hand over a brocade handkerchief, and Gui Li wiped He Lian Min Min’s hands as instructed. Then, putting two fingers on He Lian Min Min’s wrist, Yu Gu closed her eyes for a long time. After switching hands and checking the pulse again, she opened his eyes after a long time, with a very noble expression.

He Lian Min Min’s heart went cold, she never felt such anxiety. After scrutinizing He Lian Min Min complicatedly for a moment, Yu Gu motioned for her to put down her sleeves. Letting the maid remove the wooden basin, Yu Gu turned around and spoke to His Sixth  Highness who was sitting upright on the top seat [4] of the table.

“Your Highness, Princess Consort was given poisonous medicine when she was young. It has been seven years. During these seven years, the medicine has accumulated every day, and now she is seriously ill.” Yu Gu shook her head and sighed.

He Lian was just a child seven years ago. What kind of enmity was this, to go to such lengths to murder her, to insist on keeping her alive and letting her suffer the despair of having no children. He Lian Min Min trembled when he heard the words, and the brilliance in her eyes almost disappeared.

Zhong Zheng Lin’s expression became somber for the first time, “This medicine should be given by the people serving close by, adding it to the meals every day?”

If someone was planted next to He Lian Min Min, there was no guarantee that someone will not be arranged at Mu  Xi Yao’s Danruo Courtyard. There was also that child Cheng Qing, the easiest target to attract people’s envy.

“Of course. It must be the servants around the Consort. They can touch the food and tea, and melt the medicine into it.”

After getting Yu Gu’s reply, Zhong Zheng Lin immediately turned around and looked at He Lian Min Min with gloomy eyes, “Who of your people prepares your meals?”

He Lian Min Min already had tears in her eyes, and her hands were tightly clenched, “Bi Lan, Tao Hong.”

“The two of them are from the He Lian Mansion, and they have been with you for more than seven years, correct?”

He Lian Min Min burst into tears, her voice trembling. “Tao Hong was given by my mother three years ago. Bi Lan, who has been serving qie since she was eight years old, was considerate and she handed over this job to her.” 

How could she believe this? Did Bi Lan really betray her? He Lian Min Min felt light-headed for a while. Such affection from childhood to adulthood couldn’t be trusted. In the huge Prince’s mansion, what could be worthy of her trust?

“Wei Zhen, quickly arrest her and bring the person here.” Whether she had made a move or not, they will know once they try with the medicated water. 

“Your Highness.” Yu Gu didn’t let go of her frown. “This medicine is not from Wei, but the other two dynasties [5]. However, even they would need permission from the government to purchase such a medicine. The identity of the person behind it, afraid…” Zhong Zheng Lin’s face was stern, and his phoenix’s eyes flashed coldly. Very good, dare to collude with the Two Dynasties. Zhong Zheng Lin never took the He Lian family seriously, but he still gave them face since they were the Consort’s house. Yet being calculated by outsiders like this, Zhong Zheng Lin didn’t think about anything except cleaning them off.



[5] 两朝 liǎng cháo/zhāo, lit. Two Dynasties. NorthBladeTL helped me out on this one: “朝 in this context refers to dynasty. Since the大魏 (Wei Dynasty) is being referred to, I presume the setting takes place in the Northern and Southern Dynasties period. 两朝 is “two dynasties”, while 梁朝 is Liang Dynasty.” I will investigate more, to see if I can add more info on this.


There has been no war between the Great Wei and the Two Dynasties for decades. On the surface, they each ruled the piece of land the river had divided them into, but secretly, they send spies to each other to find out about the military situation. The Two Dynasties were united externally, but internally they each have their own bangles and fight fiercely. If it weren't for the restraint of the other three parties, the Great Wei and the Two Dynasties would never live in peace as they were now.

He Lian Min Min was hearing such secrets, but she simply didn’t care about the strong background of the person behind him, she just wanted to find the person who plotted her, cut them into pieces, and take revenge fiercely.

“Aunt, do I really can’t…” Looking at Zhong Zheng Lin’s back standing by the window, He Lian Min Min really couldn’t accept this fate. She was reluctant to let go of this man who saved her from danger... At least, it would be nice to have his child.

Yu Gu frowned at her for a moment, pityed what happened to her, and finally told her the truth, “It’s not impossible, but the pain would be unbearable.”

He Lian Min Min seemed to be grasping at the last straw, her eyes brightened instantly, and she gazed at Yu Gu with a pleading look on his face.

“Princess Consort, this method is so insidious that it’s almost against heaven. It would almost be an impossible feat to conceive a child, as it is so rare. I also ask the Consort to forgive me for the inconvenience but anyone who dares to share the prescription would violate the precepts of the ancestors and will be expelled from the teacher’s school.”

He Lian Min Min clenched her fists tightly. The hope that was suddenly ignited in her heart was unstoppable and was now firmly entrenched at the bottom of her heart. There was a way, there was really a way! As long as there was hope, even if Aunt Yu Gu was unwilling to tell, she could find out through other channels.

On the surface, she let it go without mentioning it, but at that moment, He Lian Min Min bore an obsession in her heart. The great surprised after her hope was brought back to life, and the fear that she had suppressed to the extreme, disappeared in the blink of an eye. Sure enough, there was no unparalleled road, and she, He Lian Min Min, should be able to secure the position of the Sixth Princess Consort

As long as she found a way to successfully give birth to a son for His Highness, no matter how many evil seeds other women give birth to, they will not be able to surpass the word di of her son!

After being abandoned by her family and betrayed by her servants, He Lian Min Min, who was almost driven to a dead end, now only focused on her children. This deep-rooted thought made her gradually transform, and she gradually overlapped with the dignified and ruthless woman in her previous life.


Wei Zhen left for less than two quarters of an hour, but when he returned, he was alone, and one could not see the maid that His Royal Highness had asked to see.

“Your Highness, Bi Lan left a letter and threw herself into the well half an hour ago. This subordinates could only found these things in her room, as it had been cleaned up already.” He then took out three bottles of unmarked medicine powder from his sleeve pocket and placed them on the mahogany table.

He Lian Min Min suppressed her anger tightly, her chest heaving slightly.

“What is it?” His Highness the Sixth Prince was still calm and composed, he was not surprised that the person had disappeared. In his experience, this silent killing was the most common.

Yu Gu stepped forward to identify the powders one by one, and finally took out a small glass bottle containing light yellow medicinal powder. “It should be this thing. I only heard a little about it from my teacher, but I really saw it today. This medicine is called Niu Qi. It is the main medicine for treating black blindness and autumn rash but it has been specially treated. It has been soaked in bezoar and black gold, and now it has become a chronic poison.”

Zhong Zheng Lin nodded. Black blind autumn rash was a unique disease in the inland areas of the Two Dynasties. The reason why Niu Qi only grew up in the Two Dynasties was because of the special hot and humid climate there. If he remembered correctly, the production of this drug was very small, there should be a limited supply. Being able to get Niu Qi and letting He Lian Min Min take medication for seven years every day, the amount added together would not be a small portion. This person seemed to have some influence in the Two Dynasties.

“Wei Zhen, go tell He Lian Zhang the truth about this matter.” What to do next what the old fox problem.

“Princess Concort, please come with me. Your pulse needs to be covered up.” Yu Gu brought a set of gold needles, a dozen medicine bottles of various colors, and even two aromatherapy burners. Just looking at the preparations, one knows that the next thing to do should be very complicated and take some effort.

Seeing Zhong Zheng Lin nodding, He Lian Min Min took Gui Li to the inner room. The pain of administering the medicine made her whole body go into convulsions, and she even grunted in pain.

Gui Li watched helplessly as her master suffered, her palms sweating coldly. From time to time, she thought of Bi Lan who threw herself into the well, and for some reason, she felt a kind of desolation as if the rabbit died and the fox was boiled.

An hour later, when He Lian Min Min came out again, her face was pale, and she was supported tremblingly by Gui Li, her lips were quivering to speak, “Your Highness.” Her voice was so weak that Zhong Zheng Lin frowned.

“The medicine is a bit strong. The Consort should go back and have a good rest. After tonight, the pulse condition would no longer be abnormal.” Yu Gu tidied up and explained.

Zhong Zheng Lin thanked her with a nod, helped He Lian Min Min into the car, and left through the side door of the alley.

As soon as the carriage turned the corner and turned onto the street, it was stopped by seven or eight small sedan chairs in front of it. A woman’s laughter and more chatter disturbed Zhong Zheng Lin’s tranquility through the carriage curtain.

“Ye Kai?” Putting down the medical books he got from Yu Gu, Zhong Zheng Lin tapped twice on the carriage. “What's going on ahead?”

Ye Kai lifted the curtain and only exposed half of his body, “Your Highness, the fourth princess is in front. She surrounded the carriage with performers to watch the fun.”

“Tell them to leave.” Zhong Zheng Lin ordered coldly, and then continue to read the books.



▲ Footnotes

[1] 周全一二 zhōuquán yīèr. Meaning to be considerate, thoughtful, help out in something.

[2] 莺声燕语瞬 Orioles and Swallows [yīng shēng yàn yǔ]. Baidu: “Yingsheng Yanyu, a Chinese idiom, which means the words of swallows and the singing of orioles; it originally described a good spring. Later, it mostly was used to describe the voice of a young woman talking and laughing. From Pond of the Golden Thread.” 

[3] 更漏 gēnglòu - water clock used to mark night watches. This is the Baidu page. Basically, the water slowly pushes an marked stick upwards to match the hours, Chinese measurements of hours. The photo of a iron green bucket is an example of how it looked, but there are more cute designs. Ally from Five Thousand Years channel explained this in her video How Ancient Chinese Kept Time | Chinese Timekeeping System (2019), it starts at minute 3:04. 

[4] 上首shàngshǒu - seat of honor / first place. Like the Boss chair. The person in charge and superior to others. The author frequently uses this expression to show who is in power in the situation at hand.

[5] 两朝 liǎng cháo/zhāo, lit. Two Dynasties. NorthBladeTL helped me out on this one: “朝 in this context refers to dynasty. Since the大魏 (Wei Dynasty) is being referred to, I presume the setting takes place in the Northern and Southern Dynasties period. 两朝 is “two dynasties”, while 梁朝 is Liang Dynasty.” I will investigate more, to see if I can add more info on this.

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