Unworthy Rich Girl

Chapter 66

Du Youwei’s luggage had been transferred to Zhang Shaoyan’s house in advance, and now she carried a small bag and led the dog happily into the car.

Zhang Shaoyan told her that he had found a good match for Jin Yingjun, and she was also a golden retriever. Du Youwei hasn’t seen it yet, but the dog Zhang Shaoyan is looking for must not be bad.

Jin Yingjun was a little unhappy about the move at first, but when he arrived at Zhang Shaoyan’s house, the butler stood at the door with the female golden retriever. When Jin Yingjun got out of the car, he rushed up with his tail wagging, and even sniffed at her.

Du Youwei: “…” He completely let go of his dignity!

“It seems that it likes it very much.” Zhang Shaoyan got out of the car, looked at Jin Yingjun who was still wagging his tail, “I will have Sasha to accompany him in the future, you can let him go.” 

“…” She felt as if there was something strange, “Is it called Sasha?”

“Yes, do you like it?”

“I like it!” Du Youwei walked up, reached out and touched Sasha’s head, “Sasha, from now on,I will entrust our handsome Jin Yingjun to you.”

“Woof.” Sasha wagged her tail at her and rubbed her head against her palm.

Du YouWei in her heart, Sasha, you’re an angel!

“Come in, let’s take a look at your closet.” Zhang Shaoyan called her and walked into the room.

He really cleaned up the whole floor for Du Youwei and made it her new closet. Du Youwei only brought some of her clothes, shoes, bags and various accessories that she likes, and the others she leaves at Du’s house. Unexpectedly, Zhang Shaoyan bought her new clothes, shoes, bags and various accessories, all of which were new in the latest season.

Du Youwei covered her little heart excitedly, then stepped forward and hugged Zhang Shaoyan’s waist, rubbing her head on Zhang Shaoyan’s heart like Shasha had just rubbed against her: “Zhang Shaoyan, you are also an angel.” 

Her archangel T_T.

For Zhang Shaoyan’s whole life, this is the first time someone used “angel” to describe him, and he felt a little funny: “Is it an angel who buys you something?” 

“No, you have to look so good-looking.”

Zhang Shaoyan looked down With a smile in her eyes, “You’re quite greedy.”

“I’m only greedy for you.”

Zhang Shaoyan’s eyes moved, and he wrapped his arms around her waist. Compared with her, what he wants is much more greedy.

When Du Youwei moved here, Zhang Shaoyan didn’t arrange another room for her, and directly had her stay in his bedroom. This is equivalent to the early start of married life, to be honest, Du Youwei is still a little nervous.

It wasn’t the first time she had slept in Zhang Shaoyan’s bed, but tonight she always felt that it was different from before, and she couldn’t tell what was different.

“Still not sleeping?” Zhang Shaoyan came out of the bathroom after taking a shower, wearing pajamas unbuttoned. He has a good figure, Du Youwei has seen it before, and seeing it now, she still couldn’t help swallowing her saliva silently.

No one is born with such a good figure. It takes a lot of self-discipline to carve a figure like this.

As expected of Zhang Shaoyan.

Realizing that she had been staring at him, Zhang Shaoyan put down the towel in his hand, casually walked up to her and stood still: “What’s the matter?” He looked down at her slightly, his wet bangs were hanging down on his forehead, slightly shaking. 

Du Youwei stared at his abs uncontrollably, and asked implicitly: “Can I touch your abs?”

Zhang Shaoyan froze for a moment, then a smile crept into his eyes, “Be my guest.”

Du Youwei joyfully raised her hand and poked at his abs like it was sacred. Ahhhhhhh, she touched Zhang Shaoyan’s abs!!

Zhang Shaoyan bent down, hugged her into his arms, and stared at her with misty eyes: “Do you want to touch other places?”

“…” Du Youwei was so nervous that she almost hiccupped. Is Zhang Shaoyan finally going to break the “after graduation” rule he set?

Although she has not received a formal graduation certificate, she is not much different from graduating.

She seemed to be bewitched by Zhang Shaoyan at this moment, she couldn’t help wrapping around his neck, raised her head and said to him: “Zhang Shaoyan, I like you so much.” 

Something exploded in Zhang Shaoyan’s eyes, but it was quickly covered up by him: “I said, don’t seduce me.”

Du Youwei looked at him innocently: “What you said is that I’m not allowed to seduce you outside.”

Zhang Shaoyan gazed at her deeply for a while and kissed her lips.

Du Youwei will be graduating soon, in fact, he can persevere. But if Du Youwei intends to seduce him, all the rules he has set for himself will collapse in an instant.

The moment Du Youwei completely gave herself to Zhang Shaoyan, she thought that she was now close enough to Zhang Shaoyan, a big tiger, and she had closed the distance.


It was Du Youwei who woke up first the next day. Zhang Shaoyan was very restrained last night, so she didn’t feel too uncomfortable today. She really had to admire Zhang Shaoyan, even though he didn’t have to be so self-disciplined in front of her, he could still restrain himself.

It seems that she is still not attractive enough.

Du Youwei twitched the corners of her mouth, turned her head slightly, and saw Zhang Shaoyan sleeping beside her.

He is really good-looking. Looking at his face, to think that she had slept with such a good-looking man… What a great achievement!

The corners of her mouth raised unconsciously, and Du Youwei raised her hand cautiously, tracing Zhang Shaoyan’s eyebrows and eyes with her fingertips. After admiring his impeccable facial features for a while, Du Youwei reached for her mobile phone and took a photo of him.

After taking the picture, she put the phone back in place, yawned and closed her eyes again.

Zhang Shaoyan usually gets up on time at seven o’clock, but today he rarely overslept. After opening his eyes, he saw Du Youwei in front of him, and the memory of last night quickly came back. There was a moment of unnaturalness in his eyes, which was quickly replaced by overflowing tenderness.

He never knew how gentle his eyes were when he looked at Du Youwei.

He blamed himself a little in his heart, saying that he had agreed to wait until after she graduated, but he still couldn’t hold back in the end. He couldn’t help stretching out his hand to gently touch Du Youwei’s face, as if he could look at her like this for the rest of his life.

Du Youwei’s eyelashes fluttered twice, and then slowly opened her eyes. Zhang Shaoyan stopped moving to look at her, and asked her softly, “Did I wake you up?”

Du Youwei looked at him, and her face burned slightly. He was asleep just now, and she didn’t think there was anything wrong, but now he was awake, looking at her unabashedly with those beautiful eyes, she felt a little ashamed.

“No, I woke up on my own.” Du Youwei slightly lowered her eyes, not daring to look at Zhang Shaoyan. Zhang Shaoyan smiled and kissed her lowered eyes, and his tone was softer than before: “Did I hurt you last night? Is there any discomfort?”

Du Youwei just shook her head.

Zhang Shaoyan asked again: “Are you hungry?”

Du Youwei replied: “Hungry!”

Zhang Shaoyan smiled at her, lifted the quilt and sat up: “I’ll go and bring up your breakfast.”

“Ah, you?” She thought it would be fine to ask the housekeeper to deliver it.

Zhang Shaoyan hummed, buttoned the pajamas on his body, and looked back at her: “I don’t want others to see your current appearance.” 

“…” She can’t do it anymore, she’s about to blow up! What does she look like now, Zhang Shaoyan, please speak clearly!

Looking at her, Zhang Shaoyan blushed instantly, and his mood was even happier than before: “Wait for me in the room.”

After he finished speaking, he went down. Du Youwei took this time to wash up, and then posted Zhang Shaoyan’s sleeping face photos that she just took secretly to Moments. Only she and Zhang Shaoyan can see it. 

Then she took a photo of the unkempt bed, and also posted it on Moments, this time visible to all.

To blow up he Moments simply did not need Zhang Shaoyin’s appearance, just this is enough.

She believes that the onlookers can figure this out on their own.

However, this photo was deleted by Du Youwei 30 seconds after it was posted.

Du Youwei’s operation of posting a photo and then deleting it in seconds, on the contrary, added a strong touch to this matter. An ordinary photo, exposed for less than 30 seconds, blew up her Moments. Those who were lucky enough to see the photo were wondering whether this bed belonged to Du Youwei or Zhang Shaoyan.

Everyone knows that Du Youwei officially moved into Zhang Shaoyan’s house yesterday.

Wei Rui also exploded. She sent more than a dozen messages to Du Youwei, and there was only one core point – did she get to bed with ZHang Shaoyan!

You Weiwei: ^^

Wei Rui: … Okay, she gets it. 

When Zhang Shaoyan returned with his breakfast, he looked at Du Youwei with a very intriguing look.

Du Youwei’s heart was pounding, he wouldn’t have found out so soon, right?

Zhang Shaoyan put the breakfast in front of Du Youwei, sat down and asked her: “What did you just do?”

Du Youwei played innocent: “Just brushed my teeth and washed my face.”

“Oh?” Zhang Shaoyan slightly curled his lips, “How did someone say that you just posted a photo in your Moment?”

“…” Du Youwei coughed to hide her guilt, “Who is talking nonsense?”

Zhang Shaoyan took out his mobile phone and sent her a screenshot of her Moments. The screenshot was taken by Gao Ye, which is the photo posted by Du Youwei.

Du Youwei: “…”

Special Assistant Gao is worthy of being Zhang Shaoyin’s special assistant! This can even be intercepted by him!

And Zhang Shaoyan didn’t even help Gao Ye to cover up, just exposed him like that.

Du Youwei glanced at Zhang Shaoyan, and whispered: “I deleted it in seconds.”

Zhang Shaoyan didn’t speak, Du Youwei carefully tugged at the corner of his clothes: “You’re angry?”

Zhang Shaoyan glanced at her and opened his Moment: “And this.”

This is a photo of his sleeping face that only Zhang Shaoyan can see.

Du Youwei blinked, and asked him: “How about it, isn’t it a very handsome shot?”

Zhang ShaoYan stared at her in silence, Du YouWei suddenly went over and kissed him on the cheek, then laughed triumphantly, “Hahahahahaha you’ve been tricked! This friend circle is only visible to you!”

Zhang Shaoyan was stunned, a little surprised that he was fooled by Du Youwei’s silly trick. If this photo is visible to everyone, then what Gao Ye sent him should definitely be this one.

Du Youwei had an expression of success in doing bad things, Zhang Shaoyan looked at her for a while, and asked her: “Sacrificing yourself so much for Feng Wanying?”

Du Youwei gave a “Huh”: “If I don’t post that photo, everyone will think I am making a big fuss.”

“…” Zhang Shaoyan was silent for a while, and asked her, “Then why don’t you post my photo? It will definitely be more sensational.”

Du Youwei looked at him and laughed: “Because I can’t bear to let others see you.”

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