When The Male Supporting Actor Bend The Male Lead

Chapter 111

When he was brought to the laboratory full of white coats, Kang Ye knew that his fate might have been long overdue.

——An alien existence like him should be experimented on as a guinea pig.

“Send him to Laboratory number one.” A voice without a trace of human kindness sounded, it was from a white-haired old man wearing a white mask. With his towering white hair and the hostility between his eyebrows replaced by wrinkles, he still couldn’t hide his shrewdness.

“Professor Liu, if you can get any information that is beneficial to mankind from him, please let me know truthfully at that time.”

Chen Jiasheng did not go to see Kang Ye who was taken to the laboratory, but negotiated with Professor Liu.

Professor Liu glared at him displeasedly and snorted heavily: “When did the young master of the Chen family take over the laboratory?”

Such shameless words made Chen Jiasheng’s face turn blue. Holding back his anger, he pointed in the direction of laboratory number one and said, “I sent this person here. If Professor Liu doesn’t cooperate, then I can take him away anytime!”

After washing his hands clean and then drying them again, Professor Liu didn’t even look at Chen Jiasheng and turned to laboratory number one.

Chen Jiasheng jumped to his feet in anger, but he was helpless. At this moment, the housekeeper next to him stepped forward and said a few words in his ear, and his originally angry face became darker.

“This woman is really annoying!”

“Young master, what should I do next?”

“Lock her in the basement!” Chen Jiasheng ordered irritably.

The housekeeper’s face was a little uncomfortable, he cautiously persuaded: “Young master, the basement is a bit too…”

“Don’t worry about it! Just give her food on time.” Coldly hooking his lips into a smile, Chen Jiasheng’s narrowed eyes flashed with a trace of ridicule.

“Didn’t she say that she would stay in that villa for the rest of her life? That’s what she wished!”

After explaining everything, Qi Yan turned around and went away without paying attention to the thoughts and expressions of the others in the team.

Everything was imminent, just as those people would be very anxious to experiment with Kang Ye.

Following the route given by the system, Qi Yan prepared to enter through the logistics door of the underground laboratory instead of the main entrance. The first reason was that the main entrance was too risky, even if he was alone, he might not be able to get out of danger; the other was that he did not want the rest of the team to follow.

Qi Yan’s words was sincere. It was precisely because of the feelings associated with Yang Zhi and others that he did not want them to be involved in this matter. They had no obligation and no need.

In fact, Qi Yan knew very well that even if they knew the truth, they might choose to rescue Kang Ye. They were not children anymore, they knew which was more important, who was right and who was wrong.

Qi Yan left while they were still thinking and weighing, just to prevent them from keeping up with him.

Both sides were painstaking, but for a while they were confused by the sincerity of the true feelings beating behind the mist.

The underground laboratory could lead to the outside world. There was a total of three entrances: the main entrance, the logistics entrance, and the water pipe entrance.

The logistics entrance meant that all daily necessities, food, and equipment needed for experiments were transported in by a large logistics conveyor belt.

Qi Yan just looked for it. If he hid behind some large items, it would be very likely to be brought in with the conveyor belt.

There was a total of three inspections and two intelligent machine verifications in the transport belt, a total of five checkpoints. Qi Yan couldn’t guarantee at which checkpoint he would be found.

“System, is there any way to hide me?” After thinking about it, Qi Yan decided to turn to the system.

[Host, please note that there is an invisible potion in the system shop which lasts for ten minutes and requires points to be redeemed.]

“System shop?” Qi Yan repeated, his tone full of doubts and puzzlement.

[Yes, the system shop.]

“Why didn’t I know there was such a thing as a system shop before?”

[Because anything in the system shop needs points to exchange.]

“…so you didn’t tell me there was a system shop in order to prevent me from using points?!”

[System malfunction, please host re-enter the command.]

Qi Yan took a deep breath and didn’t bother with the system: “Buy me a bottle of invisible potion.” Ten minutes should be enough.

[Is the host sure?]

“Stop talking nonsense! I can earn points again!” Qi Yan’s voice became a little impatient.

The system was silent for two seconds and then there was a successful purchase tone.

Qi Yan might have forgotten a long time ago what was the purpose of the raiders in every world and what were the benefits.

Although it was hard to say, it was undeniable that all the selected raiders were already dead. When you became a raider, it was agreed that you would give points to the system and you would get extra money for your family members who had not died.

For the elderly who had to see their child earlier than themselves, this was another way to compensate for not being able to do their filial duty.

The road was long and there was no end.

[Host, the system wants to remind you that it is impossible for raiders to stay in one world.]

The mechanical emotionless voice of the system sounded, completely pulling Qi Yan back to reality.

Indeed, the raiders were like dust floating in the air that could never land. As soon as the wind picked up, they rose the dust and went away.

It was like a bucket of ice water falling from the sky, dousing Qi Yan’s enthusiasm.

After a long silence, Qi Yan said softly: “Use the potion.”

No one saw it. In the corner of Hope City, a person gradually became transparent and finally disappeared.

In laboratory number one, Kang Ye was tied to the operating table. The blinding white light shook his eyes and he squinted uncomfortably, attracting a sarcastic chuckle from an assistant next to him.

“You’re just a zombie, is it still blinding?”

If it were in the past, Kang Ye would not have retorted, he would only be silently sad in his heart. But now, after being with Qi Yan, he would retort.

“It will sting the eyes, just like humans.”

“You–!” The assistant put down the appliance in his hand, walked over to hit Kang Ye, and cursed in his mouth: “How can zombies be compared with humans! You are all monsters without hearts!”

The fist that was about to fall was suddenly held by one of his hands, and the assistant turned his head and exclaimed, “Professor!”

“What are you doing?” Professor Liu’s face turned cold: “Don’t touch my experiment!”

“Yes, yes… professor.” The man withdrew his fist tremblingly.

Professor Liu came to the operating table. He looked at Kang Ye carefully up and down and stroked his heart with his disinfectant gloves covered hand.

“Well, indeed there is really no heartbeat.” After speaking, Professor Liu took Kang Ye’s pulse again and after a few seconds, he shook his head and said, “No pulse either.”

“I am a zombie.” Kang Ye took the initiative to admit: “I can stay here and do experiments for you. But my companions don’t know anything, please let them go.”

A trace of surprise flashed across Professor Liu’s eyes. He looked at Kang Ye for a long time before slowly saying, “Your companion is not in my charge.”

“But you asked someone to bring me here.”

“It’s not me who brought you here.” Professor Liu turned around to prepare the equipment he needed: “You were sent to me by someone.”

Kang Ye was taken aback and asked, “Who is it?”

Professor Liu squinted at him: “I don’t need to tell you. But you can rest assured that as long as your companion doesn’t do anything else, you won’t suffer.”

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